why and how do our dreams inspire us?

Ironicly i was inspired to make this post from a dream.
I’m sure there is not a person on this forum who hasnt had an experience from a dream in which they were touched or inspired in a way they have never been before.
Some people and scientists believe that dreams are day residue, or they are simply a random concoction of things we see everyday. If thats the case our dreams would just be senseless and wouldnt have much meaning unless it was pure coincidence(i think we all know when something is more than coincidence, we feel its real. Some other people think dreams have plausable meanings and they are concocted to help us in our everyday life. They are messages sent from ???
Some dreams though are really abstract and i have no idea how to classify them. They seem totally random and don’t appear to have a meaning. Yet they leave us feeling incredibly inspired and awed. I dont know why. Normally our source of external feelings and senses come from real life experiences. How is it that dreams can not only do this too, but they seem to be more powerful feelings. Truely pure emotions, senses and inspirations. Our dreams can’t just be day residue. That wouldn’t be enough to create these experiences.
man i love dreams, they are the last great refuge of peace and tranquillity.

Dreams are definitely very inspirational and emotional for me. i have a thread somewhere on here talking about my extremely emotional dreams (mostly girl realted) haha.

but seriously, dreams are waay more than just meaningless brain ramblings. Some dreams can tell you when your body is lacking something or is in need of something. Other dreams can predict the future or completely change the way you feel about something/someone. It makes me very sad that most people dont even put any importance on dreaming.

Finding this website and learning to lucid dream has helped my waking life more than i will ever know. :content:

Our dreams inspire us to help us improve our sleves. How dreams inspire us is simply just by communicating truth to us.

It’s a very subconscious thing. I also have completley caotic dreams, yet I wake up inspired to do something great. I’ll not know how to consciously interperate it, yet still, my subconscious has spoken, and I listened while quetly sleeping.

Dreams are very important to dream. I wake up knowing that I’ve learned something. I might not consciously know what it is, but the point is to know that we wake up more intelligent about something in our lives.

When we know all the whys and hows of dreams, well then…we will know all the whys and hows. For now, Im just going to keep dreaming!

Some dreams helps us and inspires us to do things without us even knowing it. Thats atleast what i think. ^-^