Why are lucid dreams so unknown to the public?

I’ve always wondered about this - wouldn’t you expect something as fantastic as lucid dreams to be way more popular than they apparently seem to be?
When I mention lucid dreams to people I usually get responses like “wut? what’s that? can you do that?” etc, or they might have heard of it sometime or recognize it from their childhood dreams but they never actually seem to have any real experience.

i think that’s because the majority of people will have never experienced it. most people don’t get LDs naturally. i never have until i heard about it. also, sometimes even if they do, they don’t realise the full potential (that they can control that world fully or at least partly). so it must not feel any special, just ‘weird’. but i still think that most people in the world have not ever experienced this, and if they haven’t been told, they would just simply never find out.

I think many people have experienced it, but many of them don’t see much excitement in this subject, or some are afraid to mention it.
I have known 3-4 people interested in lucid dreaming. Last week I found that another friend of mines has heard of lucid dreaming. If that wasn’t enough, he had 5 of them, and knows how to do WILD somewhat.
So I think there are lots of lucid dreamers around the world. But it’s just that either they are afraid to say it to others, or they don’t see it in the way we see it.

I think a lot of people just aren’t interested in dreaming in general. That’s the problem wih most I know.

As previously mentioned, I also believe that it can be because they’re just afraid to mention it - lucid dreams can certainly sound very strange and mysterious to people who don’t know much about lucid dreaming.

Still, it is without any doubt one of the best things you can invest your spare time on.

I agree fully. And, like you did say, people are afraid to mention it, because it seems odd and unconventional and a little strange. But, the best things in life can be those things. :content:

The media (with some exceptions) gets paid by the supreme governing force to hide LDing from public! Because, you know, LDing can equal to spirtual growth. And of course the government would want us at our most ignorant.

It all makes more sense… :«B

Someone’s been reading a little too much George Orwell :razz: (But who knows, maybe you’re right).

Anyway, I think that out of the people who actually remember their dreams (not many, judging by the friends I’ve asked; of course, it would be a big generalisation to say that this accounts for everyone) don’t really look into dreaming and sleeping in general. They probably consider them nothing more than slightly amusing, or sometimes scary. It would be nice if people attributed a little more importance to dreams though. Great for motivation :happy:

Yeah. Some people don’t care.

However, others even go further. :confused: Take my mother as example - originally she prophibited me from LDing as being aware in dreams would tire me out. /bull**** When I managed to counter that arugement, she then tried to persuade me by saying that dreams worked like defragmentation. However, eventually she calmed down about it.

As far as I know the latter was only a theory, so I don’t see how people blindly follow what they are told… Hm…

Hmh…? now I see it… it all becomes clear… My mother must be an agent of the supreme governing force!!! /doomed

I think this is part of it, agree. Looking back on times in my life when dreaming seemed sooo distant…went long periods without remembering dreaming at night at all, even though I’m sure I was dreaming…those times I felt somewhat in limbo…preoccupied with the daily concerns of daily life in a way that was exhausting. Felt very little enthusiasm, too…like I had to toil through daily activity just to get to some brief, mostly unsatisfying respite that life had to offer. Those were the times that the notion of dreaming felt almost mythical…out-of-reach. I remember some irritation at those who could dream easily…maybe some embarrassment b/c deep down I knew that I, myself, was allowing my dreaming, along with everything else that might provide inspiration and enthusiasm in my life, slip away.

I’m not saying that this is what is going on with everyone who isn’t interested in dreaming, but I wonder if others don’t feel something of this, more or less…just a general fatigue and ambient boredom with the daily grind to the point where the outlandishness of dreaming becomes deemphasized to irrelevance. Kind of like losing touch with one’s childhood or something.

As shame, on the whole, I feel. Dreaming provides such joy!

Most people i tell don’t believe me when i talk about lucid dreaming or they just nod and agree like I’m some kind of crazy person.
Also all of the lucid dream books in my local library are in the popular beliefs section which kinda made me think “Am i one of those people that believes in fake stuff?”

As clueless as they are about lucid dreaming, I can see why many people would find lucid dreaming a bit controversial - for example, talking to your subconscious, entering a dream directly from the waking state, testing reality etc probably sounds trippy and strange to those who are unfamiliar with lucid dreaming and how it works.

Clueless and controversial? Rather ignorant, I say. >: \

Open your mind to new things! This ain’t the medieval where you were thrown rotten tomatoes for saying earth is round, hm?

And most off the things you mentioned are things that will not be told to others, probably the guy double-quoted probably only told “by using techniques I can dream with being aware of it”, which makes it even less controversial.

Most people I know are just not that interested in dreaming. Most people also don’t have much exposure to even just the idea of lucid dreaming because it’s not talked about in school or on TV a whole lot

This is what I reckon: If people knew about the awesomeness of lucid dreaming do you think they would be spreading it around to totally random strangers? No, they would be keeping it to themselves (why? because they’re selfish- most of them are from my experience anyway- sad but true). Others may argue against this but this is coming from my previous 1st-hand experiences so if you disagree then that’s fine by me-just my $0.02 :content: