Why are my dreams getting more fantasy based?

Ok I’m not sure if anybody really will have a answer but maybe you might. I have no background story, I don’t really watch/read any fantasy things so it cannot be related to intreast in fantasy. Recently I have noticed that fantasy is becoming increasingly frequent in my dreams, nearly all the time. Where before it was mainly ‘life’ dreams about stuff that is happening to me and sometimes what I was thinking about that day. But now fantasy is all I get, not that that’s bad actually it makes my dreams more enjoyable, you know the ones that aren’t lucid :smile:

But also something strange happened last night. A while ago on tv there was a theory that life was simulated like the sims. Now I don’t even believe in this theory but I had a strong vivid dream about it where just above the sea the sky started stretching and ripping and the matrix thing appeared in the sky and there was like a end of the world thing that I escaped and all of it was a hoax in the end, but that’s not the point don’t you see… My dreams are really interesting, what happened? Does anybody have a explanation?

You know the meaning of your dreams best, but I would say that if you’re tracking your dreams more often (writing them down in a journal and listening to them and acting on them) then your dream content could be shifting because you’ve assimilated the lessons of the “life” dreams you’d be having.

Everyone, even people who lucid dream everyday, still have “life” dreams because a part of dreaming is processing events from the day (moving memories into long-term storage). But, I have noticed too that if I pay attention more to my dreams, my dreams change.

Why do we stop having the same nightmares when we finally become lucid inside them and face the enemy? I guess, because we “got” whatever our mind was trying to tell us or process.

As a teenager I had a series of recurring nightmares about a girl I loved who was with another boy. At last, she broke up with him and got together with me. The nightmares stopped immediately.

Our dreams do relate, sometimes very closely, to our waking situation. Not all dreaming is random.

haha, maybe our life is simulated and you just caught a glimpse of reality…dun dun dun! :dark:

One theory could be that unconsciously you picked up fantasy-related stories and visuals while walking around or surfing through channels and your brain thought that it was interesting so it incorporated fantasy in your dreams.

Oh, I am all about fantasy, and science fiction, and steampunk, and space operas where nobody is actually singing because no one can even hear you scream in space.

But I sometimes get a string of dreams that start with a false awakening, continue with a waking life routine that I fell into before… and, it’s really boring. Have no idea why, but it does happen.

You don’t need an interest in something for it to stick in your mind. Perhaps you’ve been thinking more about fantasy lately. Even noticing that your dreams have been about fantasy can be enough trigger to have more dreams based on fantasy.

Or perhaps something else is niggling at you, and fantasy is the best analogy your brain can come up with to absorb it. The documentary you saw can easily be related to sci-fi fantasy, and it makes sense that your mind would use this as an efficient analogy.

I call my dreams of real life “TV show dreams”… sorta boring, doesn’t elicit any real emotion but they are OK to just watch. Most of my lucid dreams are more fantastic but still have normal things like cars, buildings, etc in them. I’ve found the more I LD, the more creative my mind gets. I’ve had reoccuring dreams I havn’t had in years because either I didn’t get the message or my subconcious gave up. When your dreams were more “normal”, were they stress dreams? Where you couldn’t seem to achieve a task or chased things taken from you that you couldn’t retrieve? If you did in your more average dreams, you may develop that in your fantasy dreams. If so, look up some old messages about how people used video games such as making a sword or fantasy weapon. It helped me alot.