Why are my dreams so banal and how can I change them?

I understand that no one here is my psychologist, but why is it that on this site so many people have epic dreams and I don’t?

I mean they are slaying vampires, running through beautiful enchanted forests, having intense sexual realations with their cousins… but I just have dreams about Roseanne and maybe some annoying family members (Okay, this is dumbing it down, but still my dreams lack serious thrilling action and depth).

Why are some people’s minds able to forgo the mundane so well? Do they train up to these wonderful dreams or are they just born with them? Does daydreaming help influence them? Or am I just going to have to play with the cards I’m dealt with?

Well, I haven’t trained it, I guess I’m born with it. And I can say I’m the king of weird dreams. I have weird, complex, long, epic - everything - dreams. Probably that reflects my life. My life is very crazy, emotional, thoughtful and idiotic. That’s why I have cinema-like dreams about secret dark woods and finding my way out of them, random drinking-evenings that seem to be the most important days ever. I don’t know how to help you, all I can tell you is that I haven’t trained it. Maybe you need to do something for it over the day? But you have to get help from the Pros here, I definately think it’s possible.

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I think you will get the same deep dreams by just practicing dreaming, and LDing, because it starts to dig deeper into your phyce just keep up with your dream journal.

My dreams have long winding plots that are verry wierd and random. I don’t think I always did but after my recal got to 1 dream a night and I started talcking about dreams with my friends I started to. So I agree with 9d-issue thhat it just hhappens with lds and dream recal and all that stuff.

Don’t worry too much about it; we all have mundane dreams from time to time! At least, I do. Dreams that I would actually consider to be epic dreams are somewhat rare for me, although most of mine are somewhat interesting. :grin:

I still have plenty of lame dreams, too, but I don’t mind it all that much anymore.

Hm. I personally find almost all of my dreams interesting in their own ways. For example, I’ve been dreaming about school lately, and it makes interesting conversation when telling one of your friends that they suggested jumping on a popsicle.

They’re all interesting and unique in their own ways, and definitely are more exciting to think about while in the shower (deep meanings that may or may not exist, alternate paths to have taken, etc.) than “what do I have to do today…?”

Except recurring dreams. They’re not unique.

Aha. As for me…I imagine things all day long. Weird things. Probably does wonders for weirdness in dreams~

I recently beat the living crap out of Harrison Ford in one of my dreams. Was abducted by “aliens” with some of my friends, who thankfully, came back for me when i fell, and he ended up being the big boss.

(Happened to be watching Conan O’brien when he was a guest before i fell asleep.)

Only advice I can offer, don’t want it too much. It’ll happen, we all get it.

Edit: And to show that we all get boring dreams, I also recently had a dream where i waited patiently in a deli for 2 hours for a cake. I rarely even eat cake…

And here I thought I was the king of weird dreams. heh.
From what I learned, If you think that your dreams will be mundane and boring, the probability increases that they will be. Don’t worry about it, just try to see what is interesting in the dreams you do have. Oftentimes if I play a videogame alot It finds it’s way into my dreams, or if I watch too much x-files. You could read fantasy. I read somewhere, possibly on this forum, of a study that showed that people who read fantasy have more lucid dreams. And I think also epic dreams. You could try that if you haven’t already.

Hmmm… I talked to someone about it and they said my dreams ARE kind of interesting at times, just more urban based. But that’s the thing. I want sprawling forests, hordes of the undead, lucious oceans, stuff that I read on here.

Oh well…

On the brightside, I had TWO lucid dreams this morning. TWO! Pretty impressive for a beginner, eh? Too bad they were kind of short lived and I was too scared to risk something crazy. I just kind of finished my dream that I was having.

It can help if you read some kind of book just before falling asleep?

It works for me…

The best advice that I can offer to you is to keep a dream journal, and even write down your mundane dreams, even if you just hate them. For one, this will help with dream recall, and you also need to learn to cherish your dreams. Once you value them, I’m sure they will become more exciting to you. :grin: I went through a phase where I felt just like you, but soon enough, I found my way out of it.

/me rereads PyroBurns’ latest post.

You want wilderness, eh? I suppose that many dreams reflect what you live through in real life; if it’s possible, why not take a real life trip into the mountains, or in the forest?

Ayen! This has got to be the second time that I’ve seen you mention Conan O’Brien! Do we have another addict on our hands? :grin: Around here, I’m pretty much known as The Addict. :tongue:

Earlier today, I misread that as “don’t watch it too much.” My first thought was, It’s just too bad I’m guilty of that one. :tongue:

Stop mentioning him! :roll:

[size=9]That last line was aimed at both of us, by the way.[/size] :gni: