Why are my LD's so low lucidity level ?

Most of my LD’s (about 4 per 5) are very low lucidity level. :sad:
In these LD’s, I just realize I’m dreaming and I follow the dream. I don’t remember what to do, I don’t think to prolonge them, and of course, they don’t last a long. :cry:
This night, it was even worse, if possible. I just thought : “In a dream, you can do this”. So I know it was a dream, but I sort of didn’t know I was in the dream, or I was dreaming.

I see that some people (like Cyrus) collect high lucidity LD’s. Could these people tell me what is their current technique ?
I suspect that the cause of my problem is that I don’t practise RC’s. But I never have read somewhere that RC’s affect the lucidity level. In the litterature, RC’s are said to slightly increase the LD’s rate. :confused:
So, what could I do to trigger lucidity, at a sufficiently high level that I could remember to act in my dreams ?

I think I get lots of those small, low level LDs where I just realise that I’m dreamind and then forget about it or something. But in general I barely remember then :sad: and if I do remember then I’m generally not sure if it really was a LD or just a false LD :cry:

I get high level LDs by WILDing, but they seem to be short for me. DILDs seem to last longer in general but they tend to be lower level LDs. And I’ve almost entirely stopped doing RCs now. I only seem to do them when I really don’t know if I’m dreaming or not , and that usually only happens IRL :tongue: Usually in a dream I already know that I’m dreaming when I get lucid and I don’t have to do a RC.

Well, i do not use any special technique, so maybe i’m just lucky to get more high level LD’s than low level ones. My low level ones have been for example such where i needed to create the environment instead of entering into it. In most times i just discover in ND that this can be a dream (so i use mostly MILD and DILD). And almost every time i “get it”, all dream environment changes somehow brighter, and more “real”. Sometimes my ND is enough bright, and vivid, so when i “get it” and turn lucid, i even don’t see much change, i just acknowledge that i’m in LD now and start to act conciously.

Of course i do RC’s in many of my LD’s, and sometimes in ND’s (and get lucid). But i think that in majority of my LD’s i have done RC only after i got lucid to be sure.

I use usual technics (doing RC’s during day - in last days i gave up doing it noticing certain things, and started to do it when i remember to do so). Going to sleep with suggestion that i will remember my dream when i see it and remember to do RC after every time i wake up (to avoid FA’s fooling me). When i go to pee after some hours (it’s halfly like WBTB), and if i had some good ND’s before that i will suggest myself to ask myself next time i see a dream “What if it is a LD?”, and do it until i fall sleep again.

How are your ND’s overally? Are they colorful, vivid, high level ND’s? Or are they vague?

Try taking something (it could be anything) and looking at in and feeling it. Consider how realistic it is.
Then look around yourself and consider how realistic the entire thing looks and feels (as though you’re actually there).

That’s my personal favourite way (I do it in every LD now) - it increases everything (lucidity, vividness and DR) alot.

At any rate, lucidity improves with time as well.

I had the same problem, i overcame this by adding to my MILD idea that, next time im lucid, i will FIRST OF ALL increase lucidity level untill i am as aware as i can be, and from there on continue the LD. If you read Laberge’s EWLD, you will see that he sais that setting yourself a clear task (in this case increasing lucidity to the max) to do in your next LD, increases chances to induce a LD from MILD.

I’ve rather good vividness in my ND’s and rather good dream recall. The problem is not a vividness problem, my LD’s are as vivid as my ND’s. They don’t look blurry or so what.
But my lucidity is very low : I don’t realize I can change my dream, I don’t remember my objectives, I don’t remember I’ve to look at my hands to prolonge the dream, etc. I just enjoy the landscape and the story, and pursue the objectives I was engaged in before I was lucid.

Thank you, setting lucidity increase as first dream task seems to be a very good idea. I didn’t know this Laberge’s comment (EWLD is not translated in French). I’ll try this as soon as possible and tell you the result. But how do you increase lucidity ? Do you say loud : “Increase lucidity !”

You could also try making a small list of the things you want to do when you become lucid and then reading it before going to bed.

An exmaple of a list would be:

  1. shout out ‘increase lucidity now!’
  2. remind myself that the DC’s aren’t real
  3. look at sky
  4. fly

I wouldn’t include more than 8 point, or else you’ll start to forget them.

First let me say that your problem is not with your technique. MILD, WILD, DILD, RT etc can all produce very high level lucid dreams. Also, you are having lucid dreams so you are doing things right for you.

Now you just have to get used to the lucid state and that just takes a little practice. I completely agree with surreal, plan just before going to sleep what you will do in your lucid dreams. Once you do become lucid try to remember to anchor your dreams. You can do this by using any of the prolonging techniques that work for you. That should help you get things more stable. If needed you can also use things like shouting lucidity x 1,000. You will be amazed at how well this works. Finally, remember it is important to stay engaged in the dream. If you have too much down time trying to figure out what you want to do next you risk losing some lucidity or the dream altogether. So, if you find yourself in that situation I suggest jumping in the air and fly around until you decide what you want to do.

Don’t let this distress you too much. The more lucid dreams you have the better they become. Everyone goes through the same things as you when they first learn lucid dreaming and everyone improves. Just keep practicing and have patients with your self. Those long vivid lucid dreams are just around the corner for you.

Happy Dreaming

Basilus the way i try to increase lucidity is to increase my awareness, since the lack of awareness is what causes low level lucids to be low level. So as i told you, the moment i go lucid, i remember that i need to increase lucidity level by enhancing my awareness. Mostly i just do this by trying to fully remember what my plans were for the lucid dream (probably increasing lucidity level 1st, and then onto some other stuff), to tell myself firmly that everything is realy a dream, and in general to be as aware of myself and my dream surroundings as during real life. I guess all there to is, is realy practise a lot. Also lucid living (trying to be as aware of everything as you can be during the day) can help on this.

Good luck.

All the previous posts were pretty good advice I think.
Another thing you can try is simply to say out loud (while you are in a lucid dream) something like “Increase lucidity now!”. This is a simple autosuggestion technique, and can really help yor lucidity to increase.

Thanks a lot for all your good advices ! I find them very useful. I just have to try them now. :smile:

hm, in the beginning i had quite a few low level LDs (i haven’t had so many altogether). But when i get lucid in my dream i do the nose RCs repetitively a few times, this usually increases lucidity. Then i also mention how detailed the visuals are in the dream (this increases detail of visuals).

If DILDs give you low lucid dreams, try WILDing whenever i WILD they are high level…

i hope the best for you :smile:

I’m trying to WILD for years without success… :sad:

Basilus do u meditate like za zen?
meditation on emptyness and just being will integrate waking and dream consciousness awareness.
Makes you more aware in your dreams, over time ofcourse!

further focus on one goal in a ld, make it in your case a simple one and repeat it several times a day with not just head but also heart behind it and not hasty but focussed.
Even practis the goal while awake and do as if u are in a dream already.


No Jeff, I don’t meditate. Thank you for your advices. They are very consistent.