Why cant i do this?!?

I’ve been trying 4ever (3 days) to LD but it wont work!!! :grrr: I cant even remember my dreams! What should I do?

3 days is nothing. Hardly anyone can LD in 3 days. It can take from 1 month to 1 year (or even longer), you’re definitely going to have to be a lot more patient. What are you doing to try and induce LDs?

I’ve been trying to LD for aaround 4 months with little success. I’ve only had a real lucid dream once but couldn’t do anything.

Trides right, you shouldn’t be expecting to LD in three days. All you can do is be patient. You’re not going to get anywhere by forcing your mind to LD. Just keep it up no matter what and I garauntee you the lucid dreams WILL come. As for not being able to remember your dreams, if you can’t remember your dreams how do you know that you haven’t already been lucid you just don’t remember? Anyway, just spend ten minutes trying to remember you’re dreams every morning and you’re dream recall will get better and better. Maybe that’s your solution right there. And no matter how long it takes, don’t give up!

Another thing you can do to remember dreams if you really want to is set your alarm for whenever you go into REM (I’m not sure when that is but you can find out) and it might wake you up in the middle of the dream, so you can remember it because it just happened. I’m pretty sure this works because yesterday night I kept waking up late in the night and I had really good dream recall.

Hi tride15…and all others…i got a long experience for lucid dreaming!
18 years now!
I tried allmost all herbs and chemicals wild dild dream yoga, meditation etc…
I found recently an awesome way for dream recall…its funny and creative but verry logic to…
Its really fantastic for dreamrecall and anyone who wants better dream recall i can say try this method…
I will post it as an experiment suggestion to all and for all at wednesday in dreamlab! :wink:


Last night I did a good job remembering my dreams (3 of them). The second I knew I was dreaming but I tried looking at my hands but i woke up. I think i was at the end of my dream. I mean i looked at my hands and woke up. Is this normal? I was more awake than i was asleep.

I had a number of short lucid moments right the first night after hearing about lucid dreams. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Do u just keep on having these short dreams and not progress?

actually I have had lucid dreams before I knew what they were. But only lately have I tried to induce them.
Yesterday I had a longer lucid dream… and some more lucid moments. I’m using an MP3-cd with a phrase as mentioned elsewhere to induce the dreams.

good luck.

I wouldn’t worry about not being able to go lucid, it seems like you have a good grasp on it already. After just four days you remembered to look at your hands in a dream! It took me like, a whole month. And don’t worry, waking up when you first go lucid or remember to do a reality check is perfectly normal. Happens to everyone. It just takes some time to get used to, before you’ll be able to stay asleep. As for the “only few minutes lucidity” thing, that happens alot at first, but the more lucid dreams you have they keep getting better and longer. Trust me on this one. :wink: And you’re progressing alot for only a few days, so keep it up!

I used to get some lucid dreams when I was small. I remeber once I woke up (or so i thought) and there were alligators surrounding my bedroom floor. I went and got a glass of water (I am totally not scared at all) and when I came back they were gone. Also I used to be really scared of these sprialling, metal stairs at my old, old house. In a dream, I ran up these stairs really fast and the whole thing collapsed. I even got good dreams like waking up and seeing my mom make smooties in the middle of the night. The worst one I think i had but couldnt remeber was the night when my aunt died all of a sudden and in the morning my mom told me i woke her up saying “shes dying, shes dying.” I had no clue what was going on because I was only 4 but i can still remember them vivdly. I want to do that again but they used to come naturally but now they dont so i guess this is a way to reconnect with my past. :shrug:

Fabi, wat is the phrase u r using? :music1:

my phrase says ‘Fabian, du träumst. Das ist alles nur ein Traum,’ which translates to ‘Fabian, you’re dreaming. This is only a dream.’ :smile:

Hey are you a desi?? :content:

Yep! Punjabi Pride! :content:

Hang in there, LDing comes always eventually…just gotta find the techs for you and let your mind adjust.

Maybe it’s just because I’m such a logical person, but I used to have lucid moments as a kid, infrequently; they woke me up. Winter vacation I decided to give LDing a shot and thought mostly about LDing the whole vacation, so I ended up having two LDs in two nights (the second night was the one where I gained control). Since then, it’s been difficult to have more lucid dreams…they happen (to my memory) once every two or so weeks, usually in “lucid moments” where I instantly lose lucidity, lose it shortly afterwards, or simply wake up from the excitement. Nowadays LDs just happen naturally, often without me even trying to induce (ahhh, the joys of everything coming together…). Over time, I’m told LDing gets easier and more frequent.

LDing is something that takes time and practice and a lot of thought as well. It sounds like u r too impatient which will not aid the process. Relax and let the dreams flow.

Exactly. These past few days I have become patient about the whole thing, knowing that they will happen eventually…I let the subconscious take over and I give it a little kick here and there with MILD.

WBTB is a HUUUUUUUUGE help…it just happens naturally these days for me, I wake up a few times over the night.