Why couldn't I kill a dream character...

I was lucid in a dream and there were quite a few dream characters around and we were all stuck in some store like CVS. They were annoying the **** out of me and would not leave me alone. probably because I did something to “upset” them. one was even poking me in at head trying to annoy me or something. I told them to backoff or else. They ignored my warning so I blew up some guy and another women. dont worry there was no blood or anything, it’s like they were a 2d piece of glass and it shattered into pieces.

anyway I killed the guy first, then the women, and then I went to kill the third one, but it didn’t work. he didnt blow up at all. whatever I tried to do to him had no affect at all(I tried to freeze him in time and blow him up). he just walked away. This didnt make sense to me and it surprised me, maybe even scared me. This bothered me a lot and so i asked another dream character why didn’t he die. The dream character couldn’t give me a coherent answer. he mumbled something about a controller, an xbox, buttons, and not finished loading. I asked again, but something stopped him from answering again. Then after that me and two others got possessed by the power puff girls and i tried to fight it off to(I’m pretty sure i lost lucidity right here when i got lost in my emotions of anxiousness and surprise because this is just absurd)

anyone got any ideas…comments? id really like to know what happened here. thanks :neutral:

I’d have to say that your sub concious got exactly what it was aiming for: control. It was probably aiming to confuse you and get you caught up in your emotions so that it could then control you through possesion.

Or maybe its like they say in the other threads, areas which your dream doesnt want you to go by making it really unnatractive to your mind, like you want to go through a wall but its suddenly full of spikes. Well, maybe this guy you were not supposed to kill and you were supposed to follow him. Idk, just thinking.

ps. love the sig, where did you get it?

possibly, you think that the possession of the “powerpuff girls” could’ve really been my subconciouse mind taking over(i think thats what you’re saying)?

i guess that’s a possibility to. Im thinking that maybe i was being punished or my subconcious was trying to get back at me for disrespecting the dream world? i dunno, just throwing out random thoughts. I dont think i would’ve been able to follow him. He walked off into some direction, towards where i asked the dream character why i couldnt kill him, and i couldnt see or find him(but then again at that point i didn’t really care where he was)

do you think what my dream character said to me was the key? I admit that i wasn’t at a high lucid level, but I definitly was in control. I killed those other two like i was stepping on grass(i really didnt care about them)I killed them one after another immediately, but then when i got to the third one, nothing(like my power was stripped). Its like driving a car really fast and then this wall out of nowhere comes out in the middle of the road and you’ve crashed. My powers had NO affect on him(and i’ve had multiple dreams with this power, so i know how to use it). Perhaps this person wasn’t a dream character at all? maybe an intruder…

im guessing you’re reffering to the feather. well i had to take it down, due to the rules here, but i found it on some site. maybe deviantart. im not sure. I can send you the picture if you want

Even in my best lucid dreams I’m not completely Godlike or all powerful. My subconscious always has the last say.

hmmmm there are a few reasons to why you didnt kill it, the real question is did you really want to? there is a lot of things like that you have to think about. who was the person? what did they do to you? i could also go on a ledge and say that that person could have been another dreamer, it is hard to control other dreamers. or it could have been that by actually killing people you were in sence losing “control” and thus losing control of lucidity and then the dream… i am not really sure.

I have found with my own experince that whenever i try and kill something and i cna not i am just about to wake up or lose lucidity, and then it pisses me off so much that i end up blowing up the entire dream :wink:

Good luck

I agree with TimeLess_Soul.

Either the dream was coming to an end or you were starting to loose lucidity. Next time that happens try a prolonging or increasing lucidity technique and see if that helps.

I did want to kill him(and i felt no remorse whatsoever for the other two). They were nobody i knew. just some random dream characters i’ve never met before. and i knew they were dream characters so it wasnt like i was killing real people. they were annoying me and wouldn’t leave me alone. they were yelling a LOT at me, they were poking me in the head, basically, they were bullying me, BUT i can see why i guess. I froze them in time for a little bit and i guess that kinda pissed them off that i was using my power on them…

i could accept the idea that it was another dreamer, because after I tried to kill him, he just stopped yelling at me, turned around, and walked/ran off into some direction(and then disapp. probably exiting the dream or something).(i do believe that people can enter others dreams to)

i dont really know how that would work or why killing people would make me lose control. i knew they werent real anyway

makes sense :smile: . I did lose complete control after all

thanks everyone, especially timeless soul, for helping me out. I’ve consulted with others and they said that maybe it was just a fluke or the subconcious mind working against me(not wanting me to have control etc.)

your lucky, iv been imprisoned by DCs before… :sad:

in both my shitty LDs and NDs.

i lose control, and they surround me…

Baloogan… what do they do when they imprison you? How is it like? Are they male or female? If you would elaborate I would be very interested to hear.


in my FAs i cannot get out of my room, though i can hear ppl on the other sides of the door

in one of my LDs i was surronded by DCs who grabed me, i attemped to kill as many as i could, freeze, shatter method, but they were too fast, and I closed my eyes and wokeup

in another not fully lucid dream a adrmal(female) is holding my spirit (not quite guide but friend)(female) hostage, and forced me to write stuff about toothpaste