Why DC's are always bothering me when lucid?

Hello everyone,

this night, it wasn’t my first LD, but I’ve done one. Here is the link to it, you’ll see the dream called “Escape the DC’s!”:
The link to my dream.

The problem is, as you see, that in this dream, DC’s were preventing me from doing what I wanted to do. And this was not the first time. In LD’s that I didn’t wrote on my ld4all DJ, DC’s was always doing something to prevent me from doing anything. So I ask:
-Why DC’s are doing that when I LD?
-How to solve this problem I have with them?
Thank you for responding to my questions :smile: ,

Cyclonic, king of Cyclone.

You were lucid, why did you run at first place?! The thing is when you are lucid you need to actually deal with the problem. Right?!

If someone’s bothers you get rid of him! :content:

From the start of the dream you were running and I believe you got caught in this theme of the dream similar to the nightmare.

Once you become lucid you need to take control of your situation, it’s not hard if you are lucid and in the right mindset!

I guess I was lucid but because it was I think a low level of lucidity, I wasn’t in control of everything and weren’t aware that I could control. I runned because I wanted to get out of here, instead of dealing with the problem, like you said. But I can’t say that it was similar to nightmare, just not similar to a pleasant dream. Next time you’ll pay, DCs :grrr: !

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This reminds me of Inception, when the projections attack! This was a bit similar what happened to me, but in a more smooth way.

Yeah I know that this wasn’t like nightmare but I only meant on the concept of the dream. Because to me it seems that you were running the whole dream like you would in the nightmare only this wasn’t scary like nightmare.

Well once you become lucid try to stay in the place where you find yourself and become more lucid for starters and then do everything else you planned!

Well thank you for giving me advices to take control when I become lucid. If I become lucid this night (I will be lucid!), I will make sure to take control of my dreams. Thank you dB_FTS :smile: .

Sure thing. Glad I could help. Good luck tonight!

You really shouldn’t solve the problem with the violence, ask the DCs why their bothering you. Solve it with words, it’s much more enlightening:)