Why did I lucid dream every night for a month?

About 3 years ago, for practically an entire month I experienced Lucid Dreams almost every night. I was aware I was dreaming and went flying, drove cars through parks etc as I knew I couldn’t get into trouble!

It was pretty awesome and it got to the stage where I could lay down in bed and tell myself what I wanted to dream about tonight, and then I would dream it!

Since then I don’t think I have had a lucid dream and am just curious as to the possible reasons for me experiencing all these dreams in that month. There wasn’t anything majorly different going on in my life back then, and I wasn’t trying to have lucid dreams (Heck, I didn’t even know what they were back then!) they just happened.

Anyone experienced anything similar?


Yeah I went through a similar phase. Even though I couldnt do what I had planned, I was able to become lucid multiple times and recall everything without a problem. After that month I could only remember images and Now I recieve afew lucid dreams here and there or nothing at all due to my lack of sleep.