Why did I wake up?

Hi guys! To night I had a LD and when I was walking around the thought hit me “I wonder if I close my eyes it will be like IRL, that it will become dark in the same way”. So I closed my eyes and it became dark in the same way but when I opened them again I was in my bed and I had woke up :neutral:
Why did this happen? :confused:
Grateful for answers! :smile:

Hm… The Mistery of live, eh?

I thought that somewhere, it said that to change the dreamscape, cover your eyes, not close them, since sleep atonia dosen’t apply to your eyes, so you opened your eyes IRL

I’m not an expert on anything about lucid dreaming, but I find thinking about the waking life detrimental to the lucid dreaming process. Whatever you do, try not to think about it. Don’t try to hard though, that might have a reverse effect.

Oh, closing your eyes in a LD is rarely a good idea :tongue: Since when you close your eyes you lose your sight and have a lot less sensory information from the dream to hold onto. With practice it’s possible to close your eyes and not wake up, specially if you focus on other senses, rubbing your hands, for example.

Okey, thanks for all answers! :content:
I will not try to close my eyes any time soon in a LD thats for sure :tongue:

Hehe… That reminds me, in a ND I was hiding from the Attacking Flying Jets, My eyes closed and fell asleep.
When I woke up I was in the class and thought I was abducted.:smile:

dreams seem to have a timer and if the timer switches you are awake no matter what

sometimes you can chain a few times ,

there is something else in that dreams seem to have a lesson, and if you act improperly you can get “caught” and wake up

sometimes there are dreams that seem very very very hard to wake up from even if you want to , though

Well, this view was already given by hintss, but both myself and other people have found closing your eyes in a dream to be a mistake. If you ever accidentally do, you have to try and open your eyes with your fingers, just opening them seems to be a recipe for waking up.

Not necessarily though. I closed my eyes and opened them back to summon something in my hand twice in the same dream, and I probably didn’t even get close to waking up. Maybe it was just my luck, and it doesn’t change the fact that doing this is a big risk. :smile: