Why Did This Happen?


Recently I started to get back into lucid dreaming again and last night I was researching and reading a lot about it, leading to the following experience:

I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream that I remembered really well. Even though I wanted to write it down, I decided to use the rare situation of me waking up in the middle of the night naturally and attempt to WILD back into it. It didn’t work out the way I wanted to, but I did get back into my dream. I realised moments into the dream that I was in fact dreaming because there was a really strange person with 2 heads standing in front of me. It was quite creepy so as soon as I became lucid, I tried to change the person. It changed into myself.

For a brief moment, I was facinated by it and I started to act enthousiastic, but it quickly became creepy, if not scary. I wanted to get rid of “myself” so I closed my eyes and told myself that my projection had to leave. When I opened them he wasn’t there, but when I looked to my right, I was shocked to see me again, whispering to myself: “You can do anything you want”. I was frightened and my dream started to fade away. I kept lucidity but I was now in control of myself as if I was playing a game of GTA. I felt myself waking up and I tried rubbing my hands together and spinning around, but the only thing that happened was that the character I was controlling was doing the things, but I wasn’t feeling any of it. I woke up soon after.

The strange thing to me is that I’ve not had a dream that was scary in the slightest for probably over 8 years. I’ve always had weird dreams, but they were not scary at all, so I’m wondering why this one dream that made me lucid was scary. I don’t understand why this happened all of a sudden. If anyone has insight as to why this happened, I’d love to hear it!


One thing that can happen in Lucid Dreams is to talk to your SC or SG. Maybe it’s one of the things you just did there as “the other You” was trying to tell you something with that “you can do anything you want”.
If you had a choice to make IRL this could be some kind of answer… I think you should not flee next time you are confronted to yourself. Try to ask for more informations or a gift. Maybe you can actually learn something.

For me it s easyer the only bad thing that happen in my LD are monsters who attack me, it s easyer to get rid of them than from yourself.

This might actually be true, never thought of it like that but it does make sense. If I come across something like this again I’ll try to hear out what “I” have to say. Thanks!