Why do I get weird fantasies everytime I fall asleep?

This happens pretty much everytime I start falling asleep in the night - if I am the slightest focused on myself while I’m still awake, I will eventually start noticing that I begin to fantasize randomly about all kinds of weird things, strange people saying strange things and talking about completely random stuff - and it happens “by itself”, I don’t actively think of these things, they just “pop up” in my head, and then I just kinda notice them.
It’s not really HI or anything, it’s just fantasies in my head that start happening a few minutes after I close my eyes, and it doesn’t feel quite like ordinary daydreaming, but more like some kind of surrealistic events going on in my head.
What is this?
And do you recognize what I’m talking about?

This is still hypnagogic hallucinations. They don’t have to be images, in fact the “random thoughts” is the first and most common sign that i am falling asleep. Sometimes it feels like phrases move in front of my mind, sometimes i can clearly imagine how it is said, but most often it is just my mind jumping around to completely random thoughts.

Maybe this is some of the “background noise” that always is in our subconscious, and comes to the surface when out consciousness starts to fade away.

I have these all the time, but they are not so random, they are almost an exact copy of what that kind of person would say/do in real life

i have never had visuals while i have been falling asleep, only in dreams so these can mock reality very well.

Intresting that you brought this up because this happens all the time to me too.

This was the main reason I was frustrated WILD and gave up on it after several years of trying. Every time I tried WILD, it went like this:

  1. Trying to remain aware in bed, not moving.
  2. Going good for a while.
  3. Starting to hear people talking, doing stuff, hearing scenery.
  4. Going along with that scenery for a while.
  5. Realizing the HH, I “snap” back into reality, I become extremely alert. (This is the most frustrating part, the one I never really figured out.
  6. Body becomes itchy/I have to move.
  7. I give in and turn to my side.
  8. Frustration.

As people have said, it’s like the HI starting to form, the very early stages of it, before it’s even close to becoming anything vivid. And

this is what I think, and if so the “backround noise” is what develops into HI and then the dream! In fact I’ve been able to meditate a couple times before bed and sort of get in touch with this stream of unconscious randomness, it’s just like when you start falling asleep.

I do love these random thoughts, not only because they are fun and dreamy, but if I’m having trouble falling asleep, say 2 hours rolling back and forth, and then I suddenly notice my thoughts are getting random I get all happy thinking “yes! finally about to fall asleep!” :lol:. I don’t think it ever fails and I fall asleep soon after that.

@fate: yeah, that part is tricky :sad: The first stages of HI are so unstable that I seem to only be able to WILD through HI if I fall asleep and become aware during HI, after they’ve become a little more stable. I’m sure meditation helps as you’ll practice being as passive and aware as possible and maybe after a while you’ll be able to notice the HI withouth “snapping” so much (hopefully because you’ll be very in the moment and the HI won’t come as a surprise).

That’s what usually happens when one is meditating. Everything becomes
quiet but mind becomes louder. Well it only seems like that, the only difference is that you stopped doing things and start to notice your thought rumbling in your mind. In one word you become aware, conscious.