Why do I keep failing when trying to become lucid :(?

Hi everyone…
I found out about lucid dreaming months ago on a website and I’ve been desperately trying to achieve a lucid dream since then… I don’t know if stress contributes to this, but I am really obsessed after getting high grades, and I’m still at high school, and yes I can notice that I put myself under A LOT of stress during school days, however school ends in one week for me and I’ll be more into this.
I need to know how you guys first achieved a lucid dream, what did you do?..
I have tried doing the WBTB method but each time the alarm rings I turn it off and say “uggh 5 more minutes please I’m tired”, and I end up sleeping…
So I’ve been trying the WILD method I think, when going to bed I lay down and shut my eyes, stay still and try not to think. From this point I aim at reaching the Sleep paralysis stage first (do I even have to enter SP? If not, how do I become lucid with this method without entering SP?)
Still, what frustrates me A LOT is that random thoughts come to my mind. Favorite lines from my favorites songs, Nicki Minaj and so on come to my mind, I try not to think but I end up singing the song in my mind, it drives me crazy!!! What should I do?
Today I think I went to the closest level I’ve ever went while trying to become lucid. I wanted to take a nap so I layed on my back and stayed still, I tried not to think and I kinda beat the temptation to sing or create random scenes in my mind. I kept my eyes shut and “looking down”, it worked, I started feeling the numbness all over my body and I could feel my arms and legs getting numb and feeling the weight on my chest. So I was entering SP, I was seeing lights and objects in my head and I induced scary stuff (I don’t know why but I’m obsessed to seeing scary things), like eyes and parts from horror movies. What happened next is that I saw a tall light and I kinda gave shape to it, I transformed it to the dead boy from “The Grudge” movie (Google it), and I got a powerful shock feeling on my whole body (my arms and legs were numb during this time). The cool part of this is that my fingers started getting this cool feeling. It started from the thumb going to the next fingers. They went from numb to like uprising, seriously it was just like in movies when the spirit leave’s the dude’s body. Was I close to enter a lucid dream?
The thing that ruined it was what happens most of the time, when I induce myself to see hallucinations my eyes start twitching a lot, and they open themselves. I got so angry, how can I stop this? I did some reality checks and I wasn’t dreaming :sad:.
So can you guys help me, there are so many methods and acronyms on this site that I’m still trying to get on my mind slowly, but I’m overwhelmed, I just wanna find what works best for me :sad:

Well. Don’t stress yourself. Stress has a negative effect on REM sleep. And, if you are doing WILD, there is no way you can go through without the Sleep Paralysis, as this is a natural function of sleep. If you WERE to LD without SP, you would be carrying out your dream actions in the waking life. ( too bad this doesn’t apply to flying in dreams, lol).

It seems to me like you’re trying too hard to have a LUCID dream. You should in fact be more concerned with simply remembering your dreams. Because, face it, if you have a lucid dream and you don’t remember it, what use is that? So, take it slow. Don’t try and rush yourself to lucidity. I can tell you’re still quite young and I can appreciate that you’re in a hurry to do this kind of thing, but I assure you, if you take it slow the progress will be noticeable and each milestone brings you that much closer to full control of your dreams. Sure, if you attempt to LD every single night you may get one here and there, but if you follow a path and stick with it, in a year or two you’ll be quite proficient at LD! I promise that. I’ve been just recalling my dreams with great success for the past 2 weeks, and I’ve been attempting LDs since I’m guessing I was about your age (I started at the age of 14) but, like yourself, I was so immersed in the stresses of day to day life that I eventually found myself no longer attempting to LD and I was just living day to day with no plan of action (about anything, let alone dreaming).

So my advice is, instead of jumping into this head first, prepare yourself. Set short terms and long term goals. This will keep you motivated, and each time you finish a goal, set another one. This way you will know when you have achieved what you want, you have a log of your own progress and you can see the progress that you’ve made, which will serve as another motivator.
And doing this as well, you will find what works best for you. Nobody can tell you what works best for you because, well, they’re not you! And it’s very good that you’re thinking about LDs but also think about normal dreaming as well, because they are very important as well! I know this is a website specifically geared towards “Lucid” dreams, but this can be a very short sighted view, to disregard NORMAL dreams! They are equally important as lucid dreams, and lucid dreams spawn from normal dreams! Think about that and follow your goals. You will get to where you want to go if you have motivation, perseverance and a desire to get there.

Similar things have happened to me before. A. When I stopped stressing I got a LD 2. I just generally get more LDs over the summer, when i don’t have to worry about school.

You aren’t supposed to worry and feel desperate about Lucid Dreaming, it should always be something fun and exciting.

Yeah I know it’s supposed to be fun, but I’m starting to feel desperate by the fact that I can’t get it to happen…
Now I know I am supposed to be more patient and take things slowly, thanks to all… But really I was wondering, WHEN the time comes, how do I do it?..
Thanks guys, I’ll do what u said in the meantime :smile:

I think it’s important to be able to appreciate your normal dreams as well.
You really should be keeping a Dream Journal for some time before seriously practising Lucid Dreaming anyway, so you can more easily remember the dreams you have.

Once your dream recall is good enough, you can start imagining something that you want to experience.
Let that experience fill you will excitement, and have it prepared when you go to sleep.
Also try to remain aware as much as possible in your waking life - ask yourself what you were doing a while ago, where you are now, why you are there etc.