Why do people practice OBE/lucid dreaming?

I am rereading some Obe books at the time, and i have some questions:

Why do people practice OBE/lucid dreaming?
What brings it extra in your life that you can’t get without it?
What do you do when you have OBE/lucid?

I am more intrested in the OBE part.
I have read some lucid dreaming books about a year ago and had 3 lucid dreams. I lost intrest in the subject. At the same time was trying OBE but with no results.

I want to know what does it add to your life that you can’t get without it?
Is it worth the time you put into it?


The answers will vary but it all comes down to “why not”?Its everything you can want- its fun,its sex,its spirituall,its self developing,its mysterious,its myraclous, its adventorous,its suprising…just name it,it has all pros.So why not?Its like asking “why would you want everything?”
But i guess you`re asking the top reasons.
For me its feeling of freedom when im in there.And i like other realities much more than one im in now.So i guess for me its kind of escape where u have everything and you can everything.What it brings to my life?
Hmmm…not much except the more distance i have now to life.I dont worry about being eventually dead,actually its some kind of hope that this life isnt neverending cuz id just die here of boredom.
But i dont look that much on dreams that they are something of value in real life.Of course they can be but im kinda settled and comfortable -have job,flat gf,whatever.Dont need help but ill use it if i can.For example to feel less anger or to be better in concentration or visualizaqtion- those skills would help but i somehow manage like it is.
I went off topic a bit.For me its mostly fun of adventuring new lands.Free.Free of troubles of relativeness and free financially.Add to it element of suprise/high feelings/horror/comedy/art/ and god presence and you have a definition of funtastic fun in my opinion.
Add sex to it and you have a definition of heaven:)

Cool Things about lucid dreaming

  • Freedom - you can do REALLY everything, it’s your own world…
    …and no one’s watching :tongue:
  • Improving skills, meeting spiritual guide and asking for advice, etc. - haven’t tried it but sounds cool
  • Adventure - exploring what your imagination can do; that applies to interest generally in dreaming.

I don’t see it as something extra. It’s more like a (re)discovery of the vastness of human consciousness. The potential to dream lucid is not something you must earn by practice; it’s a potential which is already inside everyone of us, like a little treasure hidden beneath countless surface layers. But it is often clouded and has been put away very deeply by modern conditioning, which created a deep ignorance to veil it. So what attracts me here is the voyage itself of rediscovering what was and has always been present inside of me (including the many many possibilities (lucid) dreams can give us, such as plain fun, sex, spiritual quests, deeper understanding of oneself, exploration of the mind, adventures, healing effects,…).

one reason I find LDing especially useful is expanding consciousness, being able to operate at various trance levels, improving trance skills