Why do we always "lose" lucid dreams?

I have just been thinking lately and wondering why during lucid dreams, we gain consiousness and begin the lucid dream but you lose attention for just half a second and your back in a normal dream. Sounds like that would never happen IRL and i think i have a couple reasons why this may happen-

  1. When we wake up in the morning it takes about 20 minutes for our logical part of our brain to “start back up” and so when randomly gaining consiousness in a dream for a couple seconds, it is quite likely we may lose attention and the logical part will “turn back off” ----- which would make you think, the longer you are in a LD, the less likely you are to lose it?

  2. Maybe it shows how much attention we pay to waking life and so every time in waking life we “zone out” would be another time we go back into a ND which would reinforce the idea of Lucid Living.

Those are just my thoughts of why we “lose” lucid dreams. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated :content:

Actually, I agree with a lot of what you said :content:

Yes, that is likely. You are still asleep, and let’s face it LD is not normal for most of us. Like I said before, this is why keeping your mind active matters. As far as the longer the LD, the less likely it is to lose lucidity… not sure on that one. I’ve had LD’s that were a few minutes where I never once almost lost lucidity, and other times I’ve lost lucidity after 10-15 minutes. It’s kind of hard to gauge I suppose.

I think this more than anything else contributes to losing lucidity. How many times in a day do you go on “autopilot.” You’re not really paying attention, you’re just doing whatever. You just accept everything that is happening around you. That is what is happening in the LD’s. You lose your focus and begin to simply go with the flow. ADA and LL will definitely help combat this.

I agree a lot with what you said. That makes quite a bit of sense actually. :content:

I’ve been having trouble with maintaining lucidity, too, so I’ve started practicing all day awareness. it’s amazing how much you just zone out during the day. i’m kind of a daydreamer, too, so i’m just floating around in la-la land lol.