Why don't I lucid dream anymore?

Hello LD4all,
I came to this forum to ask a question. I was at my lucidity peak around March 2015 having 2-3 lucid dreams a week. It was great. Then I stopped having g them sadly. I have to two from then till now and am wondering if any lucid dreamers out there have any advice. I am using the DILD technique and performing WBTB most nights. I haven’t changed anything of my habits at least I dont think I have. One thought I had was maybe marijuana intake can affect your lucid dreaming skills? I did pick up my intake of pot since March.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated as I would love to have regular lucid dreams again.

It’s been many moons since I’ve smoked pot, but I do remember it messing up my sleep cycle if I went to bed stoned. The more often I smoked it, the more tired I felt.

Just my personal experience. Sounds like you may have answered your own question, though :smile: You could do a little experiment and lay off the MJ for awhile and see if your LD’ing comes back? Might be interesting to see what happens.

Addendum: Yeah, did a little brisk research. Marijuana seems to increase stage 4 sleep and decrease REM sleep, which is where LD’s happen. So, if you’re smoking daily and/or before bed, it’s hard to imagine that it doesn’t affect your dreaming in some capacity. But, then again, I’m no scientist. May want to do a little research on your own, see what you come up with :smile:

I have lots of REM sleep during the night. I just dont become lucid like I used to. I would become lucid when I noticed something strange, now I go through my dream not as aware.

Gotcha. Well, it was just a thought, given your that increased marijuana intake is what you mentioned first and foremost.

Truthfully, lots of different things can effect LD’ing, from what I understand (which is precious little, to be fair! :smile: ). Has anything else changed for you that you can think of?

Can’t think of any other habits I’ve changed. I am going to take a break from the reefer and bring my usage down. Even when I was having LDs I was smoking just not daily. Hopefully this will help me get back on track and thank-you for the ideas

Might be worth a shot, just in the spirit of experimentation. Again, I’m not saying its the MJ exclusively…could be lots of different things. Could be some other partakers here who swear by it in terms of boosting LD’ing, IDK. I definitely remember it boosting creativity…but it always seemed to effect my sleep negatively, for some reason. Everyone’s different though.

Main thing is, see what works for you :smile:

I have not smoked anything for 6 days now and have had 2 LDs in the weed free days. I am also keeping a very detailed DJ and preform RCs often. I’m happy about the results but am also sad I will have to give up the reefer. As much as I love to blaze lucid dreaming is more important in my opinion. And much much less detrimental to my health.