Why dosent the "look at your hands" thing work

Last night I was having a dream that Mike Myers ( from the series of halloweens) was chasing me and my family…i suddently thought that maybe i was dreaming…so i looked at my hands. Sure enough i had more than 5 fingers…and i still thought it was reality!! i dont know whats wrong with me…I also wore a digital watch. I cant belive that i thought i was in reality when i had 7 fingers on each hand. I just kept believing that i was being chased by mike meyers!

does anybody have an explanation for all this?

I suppose not all RCs will trigger lucidity reliably every time. I frequently have long, vivid dreams about lucidity, and never actually become lucid at all. It always feels like a wasted opportunity, but at least it indicates that the topic is on your mind subconsciously, which is a sign of progress.

Maybe when performing the RC in real life, you should try to actively make yourself question your reality, rather than just passively looking at your hand and then going back to whatever you were doing.

So…technically it does work…you’re just too dumb to notice… :content: Just kidding. It’s always worked for me except once…

Yeah, I know that some people have problems with just glancing at their hand every so often, thinking “Oh, better make this a habit.” They assume automatically that they aren’t dreaming. When doing RCs IRL, try to associate looking at your hand with asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” Then think about the question logically. Look around yourself. Anything odd happening? You may want to have a couple more RCs ready.


Also…it will never be that a certain tech work for everybody or will work allways!
We dont have remote lucid control yet :smile:
but lets hope they invent it soon!


i cant wait for one day when i can have a lucid dream without doing RC’s or anything like that…like having lucid dreams all the time…it would rock. and thanx ill try that next time :grin:

That’s what I do :good:

hehe ill try it