Why I have to Steal Food in Dreams?

I just realized a thing- after last night’s lucid dream where i tried to order food from a restaurant and never got to eat anything, i thought back on all my old lucid dreams where i ate food and recognized that, outside of what i can find in my own fridge, no one in my dreams {whether that be another house, a grocery store, or a fast food joint} ever lets me just have food- not even if i want to buy it! i always have to, uh, steal it, and often i get in trouble for taking without permission. Why is this? i really want to complete that challenge but i can’t if my dreams wont let me eat anything! Any ideas for what i can do to solve this?

Hi. I get this all the time if I go to bed hungry! In fact, this is a very obvious sign that i haven’t eaten enough. It doesn’t need to be the same for you, but maybe you could try a light snack or a glass of a nutritious drink before sleep?

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ill try that out and see what happens!

in LDs from the past I would just find money in my pockets and then buy food and actually taste it!

that’s part of why its so weird in my dreams- oftentimes I’ve got the cash on me, and something always goes wrong. either i pay but never receive my food or I’ve handed them the wrong amount and they get mad at me afterwards. Sometimes if i’m in a store i gotta just start chowing down on whatever’s on the shelves or grab something and fly/run away lol

Ok I think i have some ideas for what i might do to resolve this-
First, i should probably ask my dream characters to tell me why im not allowed to have the food, that should yield some insights into what may be going on under the surface

I might be able to cook my own food {i kinda get the feeling my dream from last night actually wanted me to go in this direction, what with mom telling me the rice would be done eventually, and rice is hardly ever meant to be eaten by itself.}

I could grow myself a garden or orchard of some kind, it would be especially neat to see what sort of thing sprouts for me- maybe i’ll find myself sampling flowers or imaginary fruits or something entirely bizarre!

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