Why is everything 99P why not just have it at £1

can ne 1 explain why i pay for a game at £34.99 and get a pennie chnge wtf am i gunan do with that pennie throw it at pidgeons?


Mostly due to VAT. That said I’ve never paid £34.99 for a game, they are all £29.99 :tongue:

Also…its a marketing technique. People think oooo look its only 99p and buy it…but if they have to hand in their shiny gold coin without change well people get violent. :razz: Nah i think it is a marketing technique. It looks cheaper thus makes you more likely to buy it.

You want to buy a game £29.99 looks better then £30. You think well its in the twenties.

I live in the united states so deal with dollars but it’s the same here. It probably is just a marketing technique but I think most people have gotten used to looking at $0.99 and thinking $1 by now.

Back when I was 15 i actually saved all those pennies and 5pence coins, by the end of the year than loose change was at £24 and some change.

I got 2 DVDs with it :wink:

Its a nastry trick wich can even look like, $499.99. People think, “Oh its only $400!”, but really its $500.

Sneaky salespeople :peek:

Told ya…and lets deal with Sterling shall we. The good old might pound! ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££. Oh yeah!

I don’t have a pound sign on my keyboard, does anyone know a shortcut or series of commands I could use to make one?

You know why? Because years ago, the clerks secretly put the money in their pockets instead of the cash register. Then, they were discovered, and the prices were changed to something.99 to force them to give that cent back to the customer, so they were forced to put the money in the register to grab that cent.

bah its just annoying really , and im sure ive ehard people ahve a thing about going over the number 7 like £70 for a microwave or summit lol jsut summit i heard

It’s just done to make it look slightly cheaper.

It’s also used when things are priced £999.99 (or whatever), cos it looks less than £1000.00

we don’t have single cents so its just rounded up anyway…no change :sad:

If something is 99 units (add your currency name), or 999 units, i always say aloud to my wife: it costs 100, and that 1000 units. Helps a lot to overcome those stupid people who think they are smart enough to cheat you with their obvious tactics :tongue:

Picture this…

There’s a little yard sale going on, no taxes. Something was marked at 99c. You go up and give the old couple a big jar of pennies. “There ya go, 99 cents! Have a nice day!” :rofl: