Why is my body warming up after lucid dream?

I wake up from lucid dreams or out of body experience, and often find that my body is hot and there are some sweat. I did use too much heating in my room, and I feel hot in bed every time I wake up from lucid dream. This kind of situation is like the sweating associated with nightmares. But what I see in the dream is not scary at all. And I did not do anything strenuous activities in the dream. Is there any good way to solve it ?

I do not have such problem when I just have normal dreams.

PS: My sheet cover is very thin.

If you have an exciting dream, like flying etc. That can release adrenaline too and cause sweating. But it’s also natural to sweat a bit while sleeping.


well maybe for your brain the things you dream are very exsiting and it thinks you are in a special situation. This could also lead to sweating :smile:

I have read a few articles lately saying that the body’s temperature regulation works differently in REM sleep. This could cause a part of it.

I also strongly suspect, but haven’t seen it proven, that the “involuntary” muscles in the body aren’t paralysed by SP. I know that the eyes and genitals aren’t paralysed. Maybe the same thing applies to sweat glands.