Why is my mind broken??

:grrr: I tried everything here and still cant LD!!! HELP

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ok then…

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Lucid dreaming is more difficult than simply flipping a switch. It takes time and conditioning. Try one method for a decently long period of time. If you don’t see any difference in any aspect of Lucid dreaming, try a different one. You’ll need to train yourself.

Keeping up with your recall and posting in your DJ is a step in the right direction.

I have been eating manuka hunny and found out

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It suppresses lucidity?? :confused: :eh: :cry:

Are you writing detailed entries ever single morning in your DJ? Are you remembering to constantly perform RC’s and ask yourself if your dreaming, then spending a second to critically answer exactly how you know your awake, besides just saying it?

If so, try to form a consistent sleep routine, identify your dream signs and every time you think of them, see them in waking life, or are reminded of anything you’ve had a dream about, perform a couple RC’s. Find the technique your most comfortable with, whether its MILD, WILD, DILD, etc. Do more research on LD’ing, make more posts, ask questions, get your mind completely submerged in the matter, be excited. Everyone is different, but everyone can have an LD. Just stay dedicated and it will happen, and when it does it will blow your mind.

TC, I get the impression that you have blindly relied on random techniques, tried them all once or twice without success, then concluded that you cannot get lucid.
Is that correct?
Because lucid dreaming is much deeper than just trying techniques, you need to actually develop a real passion for it, and be ready to work for it.
For example, how do you know you haven’t been lucid if your dream recall is still poor?
You may have become lucid and then forgotten about it!
That’s why training your dream recall is absolutely vital.
You also have to make sure that you feel excited about it all, rather than frustrated.
Does the excitement over getting a lucid dream any night from now on make you smile?
Do you have goals to accomplish in the lucid dreams that you look forward to?
Or do you only feel annoyed that you “can’t seem to become lucid”?
Make sure lucid dreaming is one of those things you love practicing, not just something you “must” accomplish “as soon as possible”.

Also, some techniques can work great if you give them some time;
I have noticed that I have a success rate of about 70% when I wake up naturally during the night, remain in bed and write down the dream I had, and then instantly fall asleep again.

Should i stop taking manuka honey? i have bland dreams after eating this honey… :sad:

Yea I would stray away from that, it’s an antibiotic so naturally it will decrease your body’s melatonin production, which is vital for sleeping and dreaming. Some supplements can help LD’ing, I take a 3mg melatonin every night and it certainly helps, adjusting how much of a supplement your body needs for LD’ing can take a lot of effort and time though.

Also, this is important, try not to drink alcohol before you go to sleep. This will drastically reduce your chances of becoming lucid, I’ve never had an LD after a night of drinking.

My advice would be to look up melatonin rich foods and eat them, cheese is great for instance. Try to stay away from supplements until you have a few LD’s. Do a little research on what’s in the foods and drinks you consume everyday and figure out what might be suppressing REM sleep.

Oh and I forgot…

Back to the basics, like someone mentioned earlier in this thread, keeping a dream journal cant be stressed enough, you need to remember your dreams, a DJ will increase your recall and vividness in your dreams a ton.

Well, i would hope she isn’t drinking alcohol at all.
On another note - i don’t know anything about suppliments, or any other similar things, but make sure you’re not suggesting things for the wrong people.

Regardless of anything that people say online, in this forum or elsewhere, when it has to do with any type of consumption or physical changes, talk to people you know irl about it. Especially your parents.

Depending on her age, she can drink alcohol. Suggestion is completely viable, this forum is based on suggestion. The choice to act upon a suggestion, i.e taking melatonin, is completely up to that person. You said yourself you don’t know anything supplements, therefore how can you correct me on “suggesting” something, not to mention that melatonin is a legal OTC supplement, and is found naturally in many foods.

However, I do agree that you should consult your parents about such matters if you are still under their watch.

You say that you have tried everything, but have you tried being consistent with sleep, technique, and DJing? Because lucidity takes consistency, this is why an ADHD generation doesn’t achieve it very often. I would recommend 3 months doing the standard “Beginners guide MILD” RC and Mantra (with feeling!) while getting your recall up and not stressing about, after this you should see a huge change in your sleep and dreams.

Sorry, i didn’t mean that as an attack, or a correction.
She’s 13 years old, so I was just concerned.

“make sure you’re not suggesting things for the wrong people” was a terrible choice of words.

Lumesence- I apologize for my defensiveness! I was in the wrong, I overlooked her age and it was right there lol

nope ive never had alcohol in my life… WHat does it tastelike?? anyway, i got my 1st lucid dream… That happened by having tea. :happy: THANKS

[color=olive]:good: Congrats! Just remain consistent with your habits (Recording in your DJ and Reality checks, RCs). And give it about 5-9 years you may find out.

Aixon- I somehow managed to pull that off and woke up with the effects lingering from the night before. I’ll discuss it further in a PM.[/color]

It was a WILD and hallucinations too… now my 8th might bee a MILD im trying for…

Very nice WILD is usually challenging for a good percent keep it up. :clap: MILD is much easier in my opinion. You have pretty good odds of getting your 8th with that technique.