Why Mint Tea will help YOU recall dreams part III

Well I went out and shopped for tea. Instead i bought some MINT LEAVES. I brewed some tea, meditated, and drank it. I wake up at 5:00 NO dream recall at all… I Guess ill try WBTB right now. I remember that I had a dream but I cant remember for the life of me what it was. My entire room smells of mint and its starting to get me sick. =/. Ill try again tommorow.


Hmm, similiar things happened to me about every time I tried some herb.
After calea and californian poppey I had no dream recall at all.
Must be something like expecting to much… the negative placebo… don´t know
With mint tea it wasn´t that way, probably since I didn´t thought of it as something really strong.And it tastes much better than calea, so it doesn´t make me feel nauseas :wink:

So, perhaps you should try to be more relaxed about it, just go to bed like you do everyday.Also, if you really hate mint tea by now I´d wait some time before trying it again


Guys, take back everything I said in the last post. I’ll clarify in a few minutes.

-Crowe =D

Okay, Here we go.

The full thing can be read here:

Long story short. I bought some mint leaves from the spice aisle of my supermarket. Made some tea from it, had my first lucid dream. Now thats progress and it only cost a buck as opposed to 4 bucks for less tea by some brand name.

This post Kinda reminds me of the Text based adventure “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” Your starting inventory includes:
No Tea. :grin:

I am definitly drinking it again tonite. Talk about results :grin: :cool_laugh: :grin: :cool:

Well i just drank some Peppermint tea just now and I’m off to bed. Do you think honey will depress the effects as I took a spoonful to sweeten it

I wasn’t aware of this thread but today I went to a big supermarket
and I bought a packet of balm-mint tea (comes in sachets) - it’s got melissa written on it too and a percentage is vervaine. This tea is good for digestion also.

I took some and took an afternoon nap. Result was quite positive in the sense that I thought of lucid dreams BUT I forgot to do a reality check!
A missed opportunity. I couldn’t recall the dream either. I’ll drink another cup tonight before sleeping, hopefully I’ll do better…

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I took another cup of balm-mint tea before sleeping. I couldn’t recall this night’s dreams so it seems it didn’t have the recall effect on me. It took me some time to get to sleep - 2 hours. Don’t know why this happens to me sometimes. Do you have any suggestions to how to sleep faster? :smile:

If you are trying to WILD when you first go to sleep, or trying to “catch” yourself falling asleep - it is almost impossible (at least, for me.) You just have to let your mind wander. You can’t try to fall asleep either. In fact, if you really want to fall asleep quickly, try to stay awake. :wink:

Try to stay awake? But with my eyes closed, right?

Yeah, eyes closed. It just seems that whenever I’m sleepy and I want to stay awake, I end up falling asleep. Then when I want to fall asleep, I end up staying awake. Stupid brain. :tongue:

I don’t think it works like that for me :content:

Still had some problems to sleep this night (was wearing earphones and listening to an mp3 of 1 hr silence and then the laberge interview) and then
when I slept I heard part of the interview during my dream but I didn’t get lucid!

Hi everyone…

First I like to say hi to all you folk here, this is one great board! Like the rest of you, I love to read about new ideas to help dream recall. I’m not that experienced in actually having LDs yet, but I have read allot about dream recall. I went out and bought some lipton Green Tea Mint, and on the side I was looking at the ingredients and it says…

Green tea, Spearmint leaves, Peppermint leaves, Lemon grass.

Now, I know this is got to be different from the others here, cause I have been following the confusion about this topic. But I have to ask this to all the ones that have experienced results with the brand that they have…

Do you have a caffeine meter on the side of your lipton tea box? On the side of my box this mint tea has a factor of 40 for caffeine content!

The reason for asking this is that a small dose of caffeine will do wonders for your dream recall! I have used small drinks of cold coffee that I have set aside for when I wake after 5 hours of sleep. Just enough to stimulate you, but not enough to keep you awake. So what everyone here may not be having a response from the tea itself but the low caffeine content.


1.5. Do substances like drugs, herbs and foods affect our dreams?

Caffeine will make you sleep lighter, will increase your dream recall
and maybe even give you a lucid dream.

Just a thought, SpatMan.

The caffeine in that mint tea you bought was from the green tea in it… green tea is the same thing as black tea except the black tea is fermented or something like that… I think… I’m probably wrong

another idea I had

how to lucid dream in 6 easy steps:

1:obtain a peppermint plant
2:plant and fertilize heavily
3: boil 1. lb mint leaves in 15 gal water
4:boil down to 15 oz.
5:let cool
6: now slam that mother down…

anybody who has a peppermint should try that simple water extraction and post the results :tongue:

Well, according to the info from the Lipton web sit, all their “Mint Tea” contains black tea mixed with mint leaves. To have a product that don’t contain caffeine you will need to buy the herbal line of tea. I suspect the reason people are not having any luck with the peppermint type of lipton teas is because it contains no caffeine. So to really find out if its the mint that is helping and not the caffeine, you will need fresh/dry mint leaves only.



Actually I’m not using Lipton. I’m using Pompadour. It’s apparently German.
It says it is Balm Mint (in other languages it’s Melissa). The ingredients also listed vervaine, but no caffeine.

I think it doesn’t contain caffeine.

I have some fresh mint leaves - I think I could do something with them…

:eek: OH! My! Goodness!!! …are you serious??


:neutral: I’m not trying it with a pound of mint!!

I’ll try it though, man is it ever gonna be hard to swallow. Normal strength mint tea is bad enough on its own! I’ll mix in half fruity forest and half mint (both lipton plunger infusions)…hmmm…tea really shouldn’t be boiled eh?..but I guess for this experiment I’ll make an exception.

I’m mixing up half and half at the moment…I’ll get back to you when I return from my lucid journeys…Bon Voyage~~

Fey~ (Me!!) (My -not-my-real-name- name)

I have already tried that “boil tea” thing except I had no results and used 20 1.5cm (squared) leaves that were ripped up for one cup of tea.

I’m not good at either LDing or dream recall, and I guess you can’t amplify what’s not there?

Then why are you here then??


WOW! someone actually willing to try it! :cool_laugh:

I don’t have enough mint leaves to actually try that:P

How much did you pay for the ounce of mint leaves jeff?
lol… pretty soon people will be selling mint on the street for $150/Oz