Why Mint Tea will help YOU recall dreams part IV

[b] Part III can be found [/b]Here!

Anybody got a good adress to buy mint from?
Reality.failure were did you bought yours? :cool:


Hiya, :content:

I’m drinking mint tea right now. I’m trying Jeff’s experiment out right now since the condition is perfect. I’m TIRED and I think I’ll sleep very well tonight.

One before I go to bed and other one when I WBTB. Let’s see if it works! Wish me a good luck please! :biggrin:

Good Luck! :smile:


Btw, you should be able to buy mint tea bags at a regular food store unless Netherlands is so different? If so… you can order some from the internet. shrugs

Unless you want dried or fresh mint leaves which I have no idea where to buy… I don’t have it here at my store. Hehehe.

I usually buy mine from the supermarket either in teabags, or more recently, dried leaves in small 90g packets for ‘plungers’ called ‘Lipton Herbal Infusions’…fairly expensive though, I got mine on special at a third of the price so I bought 6 packets. The ‘Fruity Forest’ is also a herbal infusion by ‘Lipton’. I have seen HUGE bags of dried mint at natural health food stores, they sells all kinds of stuff (organic maybe?) in bulk. Have no idea about shopping online…

I also didn’t have any fruity forest left so I am abandoning the project for one day, until I can get to the supermarket.

:peek: Fey~

Anyone ever tried smoking mint leaves? I wonder if that would be any good. :eh:

I happened to find myself next to a confectionery (store) and I entered
as I needed to buy some things.

I asked whether they had tea bags of mint tea, peppermint… well they didn’t stock it.

But in the next few days I’ll try to see what I can find at a supermarket… once I have the chance.

Thx Dm7 and Reality.Failure :smile:

I use dried mint leaves but indeed its expensive :grin:


I tried that experiment that Jeff suggested. I drank mint tea that was left brewing for 30 min. I went to bed… dream seems to be more vivid than usual. I woke up 6 hours later for WBTB. I stayed up for 1 hour (a bit too long, but oh well) and drank other cup of mint tea (left brewing for 30 min). I went back to bed… more vividness and recall than usual, but no lucidity at all.

Result: About 30% increase in recall and vividness, but no successes with lucidity.

A way to improvise(?): Combine banana and mint tea before bed. Banana = lucidity (hopefully!). Oh! And a bit of honey too to enhance the effect. :biggrin:

wow I’m suprised someone actually tried my experiment:P I’ll have to get more mint tea and try it… I love the taste of mint though so perhaps I’ll be able to quickly swill the noxious brew…

OK, here’s what ya do… create an extract by boiling like an ounce of mint leaves, then transfer the liquid to another container. boil again and transfer liquid to the same container, for a double extraction.

Boil this down to a few drops of VERY strong mint extract.

put on mint leaves

smoke… it’s like salvia extract!

…someone should try it… don’t use a bong though I think we concluded that the active ingredient is water soluble :content:

I finally bought some proper peppermint tea (it’s made from peppermint flowers according to the box). The make is unfortunately the same one as before, Pompadour.

It smells much more mint-like than that “balm mint” I bought before (which was good for making you sleepy but leaves you drowsy and it made dream recall worse!).

hmm I wonder if the “chemical X” in mint tea is more concentrated in the flowers… it seems to be that way with a lot of plants… let us know if you have good success with the peppermint flower tea!

I had 5 dreams, non-lucid again!! Well next time I hope for some LD’s…
Perhaps I’ll take another B complex plus the mint tea tonight.

You can read my dreams in my dream diary. The last one was quite weird.
So the recall as a result of the peppermint tea was excellent.
I did have an FA. I didn’t make a reality check in the FA!!! I always do one when I wake up…

PS. shouldn’t the topic be part IV ?

Part IV??..that depends which planet you hail from.


No seriously if the part is indicated using roman letters e.g I, II, III the next one is IV, then V and then VI…

Otherwise it’s 1, 2, 3… etc…

It’s the same for me… so don’t worry.


PS. If I’ve stumbled into a wrong dimension / parallel earth, then this might not have known roman letters and I need to find the way back to my home dimension/parallel universe. But somehow, I don’t think so :wink:

yarr my mom must not be able to understand “mint tea”… the last 3 or 4 times she’s gone to the store I’ve said “hey can you get me some mint tea?” and now… well I have 4 boxes of black tea and one box of mint flavored black tea… maybe I should just go get it myself :content:

I got my mum to buy me some mint tea at the supermarket today. It tastes pretty fowl. I tried adding milk but it made it worse (I thought it would but had to try). Any way, I’m going to sleep now and see if the mint tea actually works.

I tried some chamomile tea with honey and ginger - that really tastes foul. Try it… No, peppermint tea tastes better than that, I think.

oh Clark, you make it sound like peppermint tea just might taste like crap. I for one love the P tea (aka:peppermint tea). the first time i smelt it, it smelt exacly like candy canes, now that blew my mind. I have loved the taste scince the start to end. I really havnt heard of anyone who puts milk in their tea, im not trying to be offensiv or anything, but is this a natural thning? is it just not Canadians who do that? Or am i flying solo here? does it usualy make it taste good?

If it tastes really foul, you may be steeping it too long. Try taking the tea bag out earlier and see if that helps. If all else fails… SUGAR! :happy: