Why Mint Tea will help YOU recall dreams part IV

No - I like the taste of peppermint tea. It’s the particular mix of chamomile plus vanilla and ginger which I’m not too fond of. Just found that in a mix of teas I bought recently…

P tea is great, I even like it strong. I don’t put milk in it, BTW.

Hehe, mint tea is grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I brew it until it’s all black! And I don’t drink it just for dream recall purpose now. :content: I also drink chamomille tea on a regular basis. Love the taste! Yummy! :wink:

You should have seen me drinking mint tea for the first time… YUCKY! I think I made the world’s bitter-est face! :lmao:

lol, yeah, there are some teas out there that just arent the best for first tasters.

Hell i love my P tea, i put usualy 2 bags in my boiling cut, and when ther eis no more liquid in my cup, i suck on the tea bags! no lie, i wanna get that taste and eutopia/high in me!

I’ve changed my mind now. I like peppermint tea. It grows on you. And I realised putting milk in it was probably not a good idea, but it was too hot to drink and I was impatient. Also leaving the bag in the cup for too long makes it taste a but nasty.
Although it tastes nice, I don’t think it really helps you lucid dream though.
I might go and make a cup right now…

I love mint tea!! It is great! makes u all relaxed and mellow. A warning though, dont drink it with any alcohol, it makes you really nausious (SP?) like travelsickness.

jeff, try buying a mint plant from a garden centre. Fresh mint tea is really nice, and much cheaper!

no success with LD though :sad:

ok, by mint tea, do you mean regular tea that is flavored mint? or actual mint leaves?
I bought peppermint tea today, and I gotta say, it’s really yucky.

then again, I can’t stand anything mint flavored, ice creams, mints, toothpaste etc… But I thought I would give it a try anyway, since I like to actually chew on mint leaves.

At any rate, I’m nauseated after 2 sips of the stuff, so I say :razz: to peppermint tea.

Is there a regular mint tea, like mint leaf tea, that’s not peppermint? I looked, but didn’t see any in the store.

Very true… I didn’t like it the first time either… now I prefer it to look like coffee :content:

Another thing you can do with mint tea, though probably not beneficial to dream recall, is make iced tea with it as follows:

brew 4 bags black tea plus 1 bag mint tea in 4 cups(1 quart) boiling water… add 1/2 cup sugar. add ice to make 2 quarts and add the juice of one lemon, then take the lemon and cut it in quarters and throw the pieces in the tea… it makes the lemony flavor better and it looks cool anyway… and that is the best iced tea you’ll ever have… try it

You might want to read through parts 2 and 3… there was a debate on what was mint and what was peppermint and all that… that may answer your question.

oh, whats wrong wit hall of you? dont you like candy canes (aka the canes that are peppermint flavored) well i certaintly htink they taste ok, and then when i brewed my Pepermint tea, it smelled and tasted just lie a candy cane! i loved it ever since the start and am loving it even more, WOO! :grin: .

ok, here I go. Just made another cup of the peppermint yuck stuff… choking it down… gulp! shutter

I better get lucid tonight… or I’m gonna reach through my screen and give all you minty dreamers a minty fresh kick in the bum! :puh: hehe… just kidding!

sip… sip…

no LD last night, but don’t worry, I wont beat ya up! :tongue:

So… I’m trying again tonight. Wish me luck!

sip… sip…

heh, dont get too cocky for the TEa, just becasue its amazingly gross 6tasting for you, it doesnt mean it is a lucid drink. It just enhances your recall, and vividness, so the rest is up to you. But it sounds lie yo uare determind, but dont let my words sound like you wont get a ld…

I got a couple questions about teas…

I usually drink mint flavored green tea, which helps out with dream recall in my opinion. However, what’s the difference between mint flavored green tea and actual mint tea itself? Also, does adding sugar to the tea add or subtract from the affect it has on dreams?

Mint flavored green tea is green tea with mint added. Mint tea is just… mint leaves. Some say adding sugar helps the active stuff in mint tea cross the blood-brain barrier… somebody who knows more about brain chemistry help me out :razz:

I tried a mixture of Mint and Mugwort tea last night and it worked well.

You know what’s so funny?

I was really bored and I really love mint tea right? So I experimented three bags in one mug. :wink: I brewed them for 30 minutes. It was pitch black! It tasted very strongly and a bit gross… but it was fun! Hehe! A lot of dream recall improvements, but no LD’s. So I think you need to mix mint tea for recall and something to active your consciousness so you will be alert in your dream. I’m not too sure. One mint tea is enough for dream recall for me personally… and then add your efforts to become aware that you’re dreaming because it definitely won’t help you to become lucid at all.

Keep experimenting my friends. :wiske:

Mint is really easy to grow, wht not get one at your local garden center.
Then you can have fresh mint tea every day :tongue:
Any excess you can dry for later… :smile:

is mint the same as peppermint?

I like mint tea.

If you don’t like the taste of mint tea try chamomile. I find that chamomile tastes very good and it also helps my dream recall. Chamomile also mellows me out :spinning:

“Mint” is a general name given to a certain family of plants. There are different varieties of mint.

Peppermint (mentha piperita) has a strong flavor and is used to flavor candy canes, Starlight mints, etc. It has a lot of menthol, which is what gives mint it’s “kick.” Peppermint is usually favored over other mints for medicinal purposes, and it seems like it gives the best results for LDs, from what I’ve read in everyone’s posts.

Spearmint (mentha spicata) is a sweeter variety. If you’ve chewed Wrigley’s spearmint gum, that’s what it tastes like. There also are other varities of mint such as watermint.

What is packaged as “mint tea” can be many things. It can be green or black tea flavored with mint leaves or mint oil, it can be actual dried mint leaves, it can be a single mint (like peppermint) or a blend of mints.

If you want the most bang for your buck, read the label and make sure the only ingredient is mint leaves.

I know Celestial Seasonings’ “Peppermint Tea” is nothing but pure peppermint. It also has no caffeine … helpful if you want to get to sleep!

Hope this helps!

And if you want to try a really nice tasting mint tea, try to get leaves (not teabags) of “nana mint” (menthe arabica)
Don´t know about it´s use for dreaming, but like that one a lot :smile: