Why my dreams doesn't represent my daily life

In the last six months my dreams totally start to differ from my daily life or anything I watch or play. They are fast and totally fictional, how I’m supposed to become lucid, if there is nothing familiar in them? I tried using RC and intention mantra every time before falling asleep + WBTB, but nothing change. The only thing I found is if even for moment the dream slow down for me look around or I become alone in dream, I’m starting to gain lucidity, but somehow the dream ‘mind’ notice this and the dream is becoming faster again. I was good at WILD and VILD, but right now I just can’t reach that state, I’m only getting insomnia. So are anyone have any idea how to have more normal dreams?

My guess is that this is telling you that there is more to life than what you are currently doing. If your dreams are so far out and you’d rather have them be realistic then you probably got to do something physically to excite your dream world back towards gripping reality.

I never really look at anything as so much of a problem any more but as the opposite of the solution. There is a reason for everything, and as long as you look at it as a learning experience rather then something to avoid, you always have something to be doing.

The opposite of a solution is a problem

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Try seeing opposite in this way: if you know the direction left, through pure deduction you know right as well.

So the idea I’m trying to express is the same, have a problem and you as easily have a solution. Through pure deduction, or as I was trying to say: simply looking at everything as a learning experience.

See left as right so to speak, but I guess it’s more like expecting right because you know of left.