Why NOT to fear Lucid dreams.

Ok ive seen that many people have asked about the dangers of lucid dreaming.Some hear about the old hag, or sleep paralysis and think its freaky.Anyway, ill make a little list of scary thingies, and why not to be scared.Correct me if I’m wrong at all.

Sleep paralysis:When you wake up from a LD/ND and cant move.This happens because your body puts you in paralysis at night to keep you from acting out your dreams.Anyway, do not be scared, nothing you might see is real.DONT let your mind take over and think your going to be killed.Just try to fall asleep again and everything will be OK.

Old Hag: This can be bundled with Sleep Paralysis.Basically you are still waking up from a dream so you can see some dream elements, or characters etc. Don’t be scared they are not real, just close your eyes and fall asleep again.Or jut imagine the character/shadow turning into something funny.Hey! they are YOUR dream characters, go kick its ***

Not waking up: Ok, the only way you cant wake up from a dream, normal or lucid, is if you A.)Die from a
cause that has nothing to do with dreaming ex:getting shot
or B.)You get put into a coma, by something like getting hit on the back of the head.A dream can NOT kill you.

Ok i guess thats it, if you want to know whether astral projection can get you killed,go ask someone else.If i made a mistake tell me, and if you think its appropriate, please stickie the topic to keep the newbies from being scared/asking questions about being scared.This was my act of kindness, because this post makes my third star/100th post!

Yeah, you’re pretty much right. There really is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in regards to lucid dreaming.

In fact, the only reason one might experience SP or the old hag because of lucid dreaming is if they are trying the WILD technique, which is probably the worst technique ever.