Why only young people try lucid dreaming??


I read many newsgroups and message boards about lucid dreaming, somehow, i allways see only young people there, most of them are younger then 25 years old, and never anyone over 35 or over 40! i don’t understand the reason for this, are older people dream much less then young people? are older people don’t have the ability to have lucid dreams?? is it something that you can do only when you are young and then you just loss this magic thing??

Why people over 40 never write here?? why???

Thanks :eh:


There are quite a few older individuals here. Someone started a topic not to long ago about members of this forum that were older than 35 I believe. The majority of lucid dreamers, though, are young. I don’t think that the trend will last very long because lucid dreaming is gaining in popularity and the young generation will grow up eventually. Also, I think that this sort of thing is attractive to young people because many have open minds and are willing to try new things. Some (not all) old people have settled down in their lifestyle and routine.

It also has to do with average age of internet user.Hard to think about 80yrs old sitting here chatting with us about lds huh?:slight_smile:

There was a topic about this on the old boards.

I would agree that it has something to do with the average age of the typical internet user. It stands to reason that statistically younger people make up the majority of the user base of the internet.

Another reason might be that it is only until recently that lucid dreaming (and dreaming in general) has become to be recognized as a valid area of study. Younger sciences often draw younger participants? Seems logical. If you grow up thinking of dreaming as something trivial and insubstantial then it might be hard to make that shift.