Why playground only?

It is logical that the number of posts made by a user in the Playground is not added to his post count… But isn’t it possible to add a feature, allowing a user to decide if the message being posted at any other section will be counted? Fox example, when the message only corrects the previous message of the same user, which cannot be edited (in Lucid Laboratory) or there were already responses to the wrong message… In fact, only 50% of my posts contained any information… It is such a shame to have three stars while I hardly deserve one. :sad:

It isn’t necessarily about containing new information. It should be your overall contribution to the forum. For every message you wrote, somebody found it useful. :smile:

Besides… nobody deserves their stars anyway, particularly DA :wink:.

Why is everyone so obsessed with post count and stars??

This forum is not a competition about which person who has most stars heh.

I was just suprized to have this many posts to my name.

w0w, I don’t even remember posting here once 0_0
gotta go work on my RL recall :happy: