Why stretch?

I wonder why we get the strong urge to stretch the body when we are sleepy? For me, the urge shows that i am finally getting sleepy enough at night. Is it the same instinct as the one that makes cats stretch? If it is a preparation for sleep, why do we also stretch in the morning?

Anyone else ever stretch that little bit too much at night before you go to sleep an get cramp? not much fun.
I guess it could be your brain slowly making your muscles work again?

I get that sometimes in the mornings and it sure wakes you up faster! One day last week, I got cramp in both calf muscles

I stretch because I feel stiff in the morning. Simple.

i stretch all the time but i feel like i dont think when i do. Its weird, its like my subconcience just tells my body to stretch.

When I stretch at night I always thought it wasn’t right to do it and it wouldn’t get me to sleep for some reason. I do do it in the morning sometimes though.

i stretch in the morning because it’s one of the best feelings ever… mmm… stretching

i think i’ll do it now

yeah, that’s the stuff, but it’s so satisfying in the morning. Maybe because we are in the same position for the msot part while we are alseep (even when tossing and turning, we are styill laying down)

When you think about it, you don’t just stretch, you tighten your muscles also. You can observe it in cats when they stretch, they sort of shake a bit. I tought about this whe nI used to do the progressive relaxation technique. You thighten and release your muscles, progressively moving from head to toe. Observing my cat I thought that it was sort of the same, only not progressive. Also, I think it makes the yawning more efficient. Stretching your arms over your head opens the chest and you can breathe more easily. I think it effects your bloodpressure too.