Why This Forum Is So Great

I have a quest in real life to make everyone lucid, often I see people going through life both waking and sleeping without lucidity, I want to wake those people up, I want to make them lucid too, sadly they often respond aggressively to the truth. That is where you come in, the things you practice promote overall lucidity in waking and sleeping, full lucidity is what makes us human. I love how this forum promotes out of the box thinking and I want you to be more popular. It is time for a revival of this great forum!!! Who is with me? Long live lucidity!

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Nowadays it is like most people live their waking lives in a non lucid state, I am not speaking of any particular belief in itself, just humanity’s general lack of lucidity by the way.

Absolutely right! I have found that it’s no use trying to show people the realities of the ‘social game’. If they’re still behaving unconsciously, we should simply see them as subconscious projections and let them go their way. Everybody does what they want, including self-harm, and each individual will stop when they are ready to.

Indeed. One of my favorite philosophers Alan Watts once spoke of the word ‘sin’ having originated from a Latin word that literally translates to ‘inattentiveness’. The simple act of not paying attention is what breeds evil.

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