Why is it that whenever i try really hard to have a LD it doesn’t work but when i am least thinking about it a start having them?

I know what you mean, man. I’ve had like 2 LD’s in the past week and I haven’t even thought of them for like a month or so. The last one (today) was really lifelike, but it was too goddamn short. Bah. Whenever I get back to being interested in LD’s I can’t remember my dreams or have any LD’s but when I’m not focusing on it I can pretty much remember a dream a day.

And I don’t try that hard either when I’m into it, its just thinking of it totally makes me nervous or something and I can’t get it. :help:

it’s something you need to relax about, trying to hard brings on a tension that makes it harder for you to concentrate. also, if you try to hard you might be building mental blocks on yourself… obviously you don’t think you can get them when you try hard, so just in stating that you aren’t expecting them.

just calm down with it and expect the LD’s, since you know you can have them when you do.

I agree with No Poetic Device. It’s a matter of finding balance while practicing. If you push it, it will often have the opposite effect and you’ll get a lucid drought. On the other hand, you MUST really have an intention and motivation of becoming lucid. If you really don’t do anything, you won’t make much progress. Also, don’t think too much about LDing when you practice, but work with your feelings and intuition. For instance, don’t think about the dream but instead try to feel how it would be like to be in a dream. When you do this, you’re avoiding mental blocks and the development of your LDing will become more spontaneous and natural.
Good luck! :smile: