why'd i do that

Before i knew about lucid dreaming i had no problem becoming lucid but now i do i always wake up. Every time i realize im in a dream i do things to stabalize the dream right away (i dont know why) and that causes me to wake up.

ex. I was in the dream and i was reading and i then somehow came to the conclusion i was dreaming and then i decided i should rub my hands together to stabalize but for some reason i closed my eyes and opened them instead and that made me wake up! :sad:

this kind of thing has been happening to me.

do not do anything when you first realize that you are Lucid in a dream. Relax yourself and try and think how concience you are. Stay calm and then do the rubbing hands tech or something. Don’t jump off right away and do something. That could excite you too much.

I don’t want to i just do.

well, you may have to train yourself not to. Such as saying before you sleep " When I recognize I’m dreaming, I will relax " or something like that. It also may just be because you are new to Lucid Dreaming. You should get used to it after a while

I’m glad this question was asked. I’ve had the same problems where I realize I’m dreaming get too excited or caught up in emotions and end up making everything in the dream turn to a blur or whatever is being spoken becomes incomprehensible. I will certainly use the advice given by bendrummin58. Thanks!


i don’t use any stabilization methods, i think to even consider losing the dream will kill it. the second i start to worry, the dream will go to black. now i make a conscious effort to just focus on the detail of the dream itself and not allow the thought of mainting the dream to even enter my mind, just pay attention to the dream itself instead rather than get excited. i fly when i first turn lucid and i concentrate only on the flying and the landscape. from there it is easy for me to stay within the dream for extended periods of time. after i’ve flown around for a bit, then i’ll concentrate on the things i would like to carry out. so my advice is to passively focus on the whats going on in the dream right away, not on your own consciousness. good luck.

Losing the dream or losing lucidity is something that happens to lots of people when they first learn to lucid dream. Experience will cure this. As you have more lucid dreams you will learn how to stay lucid and stay in the dream.

Staying calm is very important. Also, staying engaged in the dream is important. Usually when I become lucid the first thing I do is fly in the dream. Partly because it is one of my favorite things to do and partly because it helps me stabilize things. Another important tip I discovered is always know ahead of time what you want to do in your dream. When you go to bed decide then what you will do in your LD that night. However, My advice if you ever find yourself in a dream and you are struggling to figure out what you want to do. I say jump in the air and fly until you figure it out. This keeps you engaged in the dream and also helps keep lucidity.

NEVER CLOSE YOUR EYES then open them in a lucid dream that will wake you up. If you do close them buy accident. Keep them closed then try and see through your eye lids. The dream should come back.

try keeping your eyes open for extended periods of time and relaxing when you think about lucid dreaming, it worked for me

thanks i guess i just get so excited and worried i do everything that comes to mind to stablize it

Don’t worry you will get better. Believe me. We all made the same mistakes at first.

Keep practicing and congratulations on your lucid dream by the way.