Wierd dream body?

This night I dreamed about being a young mother who was chased by some young guys who wanted to hurt her.

But the wierd thing was, even though “I” had human kids and acted as a human, I was a symbol. My dream body was an object in 2d. It was oval, black and white, but with small parts of it gleaming in pastel colours. Later in the dream (when I became lucid) I turned back to mysel

Has anyone else dreamt that they were something this wierd and abstract?

No never, I had a dream centering around a floating golden triangle once but I wasn’t the triangle…the most abstract I’ve ever been was disembodied

nothing alike for me

there was a brief spurt in my quest that i tried to dream myself into being inanimate objects… ever failing.
up until i came home last month i was always dreaming of being somebody else… mostly because i did not like the situation i was in, i was dreaming to escape and try to be a better or different person then i was iwl.

Wow - I’ve been lots of weird people, but never a symbol! That’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard of something like that! You’re unique! (I think.) :content:

Well, my weirdest was in a dream I had about six or seven years ago - I was a young tree in a forest of old trees. Pretty boring, actually, since trees don’t do very much. And I’ve been a fish that looked just like Nemo (but without the weak fin). Ooh, and a dryad that could throw invisible acorns. That was pretty weird.

I don’t know about abstract, but once I got lucid in a very strange way last week. I was getting a piggy back ride (I think I was about eight/nine in the dream) from a man in a old divers suit when everything turned into a still manga (japanese comic) panel. There were to decoritive speach bubbles that told my thoughts. They said “Am I… Am I dreaming again??” And then i got lucid. Unfortunantly, I couldn’t rub my hand together or spin, so I Soon lost lucidity :cry: . But the manga panel was beautiful beyond words. I wish you all could see it :content: .

See ya later :smile: .

One time on a really long dream, there was a couple of minutes in it where I were a mouse or rat, and so was a friend of mine…sadly, he couldn’t escape…

I’ve been a computer, multiple people at once, a member of the opposite sex, and various animals in my dreams. Terrible when you’re in a ND and don’t take notice.

Several years ago, I was a wild pea plant climbing up a fence. I could feel every leaf like I feel my hands and feet now! I have been a falcon twice, too :cool:

I’ve had a lot of dreams where I’ve been an animal of someone of the opposite sex, and quite a few where gender seemed to switch around randomly. But my strangest by far was the night before last. I was a guy who was also somehow a giant, yellow stuffed rabbit.
I was really fluffy. It was kind of cool. :tongue:

Wow, I wonder what it feels like to be multiple people… How you keep them apart … Maybe I should try it in a LD?