Wierd experience

I had a freakish dream last night, but more important is how I got into it.

I was lying in bed feeling quite awake and I must have suddenly switched off like a light. I was sitting on a chair and there was a corridor extending to my left. The corridor stopped at the end with a door with a window, which revealed it was night-time. There were doors along this corridor, very regularly spaced. I remembered that this place was changing rooms for a swimming pool (I think this must have been another dream). I loathed this place; it was pretty grimy too. I also knew that I was dreaming, because I had been in my bed just a few seconds ago. There are two things I want to do right now - do an RC to increase my lucidity, and fly.

However, I didn’t get the opportunity to do either of these, because I moved like I was in treacle. It all went so slowly that before I even managed to get up, I woke. I was making a strange wheezing noise, and I wondered if this was linked to how slow my dream had gone (I was very awake). The whole thing couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds long.

Has anybody else experienced a similar slowness when going straight to dream?

Sounds like a very Harry Potter like experience. :cool:
No, I haven’t experienced anything like that, but Time does seem to
be distorted in some dreams. More, frequenly, things seem to rush
by too quickly for me.

yeah, It was really late like 2:30 and I just went to sit in the couch and listen to my headphones and I knew I was going to fall asleep but i figured I might be able to stay up. But I fell asleep really fast and I went right into a dream sorta like what you described, I was standing in this dark place that looked like this shop right in my town at night, but it wasn’t a shopright it was a skateboard park (figures, that’s one of my biggest dream signs) right away i knew i was dreaming cause i’ve gotten to figure out skateboard=dreaming. Same thing, I wanted to make myself more lucid so I wouldn’t lose it, and right when i thought that, I woke up suddenly and like jumped (not literally in the air like…woke up and sat up quick) and my heart was beating real fast like I just got scared really bad, or something. It wasn’t a scary dream though, It was nice. My dad was there to watch me skateboard i guess sitting by the side. And then I woke up. I can’t figure out what startled me.