Wierd LD.?

Last night i was really tired so got to sleep really quick, I was’nt really thinking about anything before hand though. I could feel myself falling asleep and as i (eventually) did i got a wierd tingly feeling. I knew i was lucid as the first dream started, I could jump long distances and my hands were different,but the dream quickly changed which threw me off and i went into a normal dream.
The whole tingly thing was pretty wierd, does this happen? or did i just wierd out?
I was pretty surprised when i woke up, seeing as I’ve only been trying to LD for a few days.

This was a WILD when you go right into a lucid dream while still conscious.
You may like to read some of the topics on WILD since you appear to be a natural WILD LDer. :grin:

It’s called “The Vibrations” ^-^
Did you hear a strange sound too?

Hey Kid,
On Yah, the vibrations are universal, the fact that you came apon so soon is telling. You are probably sensitive/spiritual/caring. The vibrations are the doorway to experience other realities. You can go out of your body. There is probably someone (non physical) there with you all the way helping & protecting you. Try to form a relationship with that entity. Read heaps of of books.
Good luck, Mike

nope no wierd noises. Since then i’ve had 1 more LD, again using WILD. i felt “the vibrations” again but only for 2-3 secs, this time i felt myself having more control over what i was doing, i did nothing exciting as i wanted to just explore and get used to being in a LD.
thanks for the info.

The vibrations were your body falling asleep. You experince these every night, but you were only aware of them because your brain was kept awake.

You may also experince other sensations. Such as seeing things, not being able to move, hearing things (including voices), feeling as though you’re having trouble to breathe, feeling as though you are spinning, a sort of electric shock feeling as though there’s something in the room with you and more that I can’t remember at the moment.

You should never be worried by any of these (they are, after all, in your head) and they all fade after a little bit. You may never even experince the majority of them (some are more common than other - vibrations are quite common, and feeling as though theres something in the room with you is extremely rare).

Hi Sureal,
I disagree with yor theory that the vibration are your body falling asleep. I get while awake & aware (under special circumstances). They are definately a spiritual experience of some kind. We are not in our heads, we are not our brain or our body.
Goodwill to all, Mike