wierd noise during obe??

wassup im new to these forums…but anyway i just woke up in a case of sleep paralysis couldnt move couldnt talk…so i relaxed and wanted to have a obe…it was pretty easy rising out my body but every time i slowly raised out i would hear this wierd noise kinda like tires stuck in snow/mud or a remote control car…it didnt scare me…but anyway i felt hella wierd when i was hoving out my body and wanted to go back(it was my first time ever managing out my body) and i just knew i was out…then i was back in my body when i wanted to go in woke up and was in sleep paralysis agian this time i was determined to get out and explore so i tried the roll out method but it didnt work i felt my self rolling over INSIDE my body which was wierd and i also heard that wierd tire noise but anyway i kept trying REAL REAL hard to get out and wasnt able to breath. so i slowed down and was able too breath agian and just said forget it and gave up.

:cool_laugh: anyone explain that wierd tire sounding noise. and has anyone ever had it?

i also have a noise… First when i start slipping into Sleep paralysis, i hear something that i can best describe as wind blowing in my ears… Then as i get further, i start hearing something sounding like tuning between stations on a fm radio? just more high freq…

I have no clue why this is but it seems like most people experience something similar in this state.