Wierd/scary dream images

This is going to be difficult to explain, but I will try…

Has anyone experienced this feeling of being totally overwhelmed by a dream object which is totally out of proportion? It is nightmarish feeling which I last experienced as a child, but which I cannot forget.

I have spoken to some other people and they seem to have had similar experiences, but the disproportionate object is always something different for everyone.

Anyone own up to anything similar (or am I just loosing it :gni: )?

In my first Ld i was the scardest i had ever been in my whole life!
And this was for no reason- i wasn’t scared about having ld’s, i wanted to have them and i did. It was dark though but in RL it doesn’t bother me.
It was very strange-no distorted object though.

[size=75]i’m not sure if i’m thinking of the same thing here
but what you(sleepyhead) described seems similar to something i’ve experienced
although mine isn’t all that overwhelming… just sort of wierd i guess
kind of overly comforting… if that makes any sense
i can’t describe it very well
i don’t really see anything when it happens
hell… i’m not even sure if i’m asleep or not when it happens
but it’s usually when i have a fever and it happened more often when i was little

now… how to describe it…
the only thing i can think of is it’s fat
or it seems fat
bulging anyway
and constantly shifting
like a blob
and it feels like it’s going to envelope me
like i’m sinking into it

is that even close to what you mean?[/size]

Yes, that is what I was trying to describe. I think that I did have this last when I was ill.

It was a piece of red string suspended from one corner of the room, but when I held onto it, it felt really fat and like it was trying to engulf me.
I’m not sure if I was dreaming or hullucinating.

I do find it comforting in a wierd sort of way, but also quite disconcerting.

:music: I remember when i was little getting moving images stuck in my minds eye, One of them was pigeons flying from a bell tower, it kept going and going and going. It was like an anoying MPEG on loop, except you cant close your eyes to get rid of it. For some reason i found it very scary to see pigeons flying from a bell tower :smile:

This was a while ago, not recent and its funny becuase I only thought about becuase i can relate in a way. Otherwise there is no way in hell i would remember. Anyways the dream was weird and consist growing. At the time i think i was sick and it was like the “Extra Carefree Gum”(comercial when the bubble gets bigger and bigger) i had this same thing happening to me. It was so over whelming, so intense, such force. It litterally made me explode(I Blew chunks everywhere) it sounds nasty , but a true story. Now ask yourself how dreams are warning signs, or just commons images that come to view, that are so distorted it actually feels real! I guess dont feel weird, becuase I felt a comon thought and feeling. :meh: :confused: