wierd semi-awake experience

i was in bed, kinda late. i was in that stage where you only have those light morning dreams. my father and my brother walked into the room and asked me if I wanted to go them to go for a ride in the bicycle. I was semi-awake because of the noise but I heard them ask me if i knew how to right in Aeroglifs(that egipcian righting). I said “No I preffer talking in Messenger.”
I think i heard the real words but changed them into those dream words “Can you right in aeroglifs?”
Strange things dreams…

Stuff like that happens to me too.
Sometimes I’ll set my alarm for the radio to turn on, and I’ll her the song in my dream, and the dream itself is like a music video.
I also one had a dream of watching a rocket take off. When the countdown reached zero, I woke up to my alarm going off.

just like seconds before it went off?
waking just before the alarm-clock happened to me a few times. In days I felt waking up was very important!

No, I don’t think I woke up like seconds before it went off, I think it was already going off and being incorporated into my dreams, and the countdown was just a countown untill it eventually woke me up :smile:

I have had that when I still had a radio alarm. A guy was telling a story about how he traveled in a baloon and I incorporated it into a dream, took about 5 minutes (I guess) before I really woke up and realized it was on the radio. (This was from when I was about 16 years old, and I still remember it because I had such a vivid dream of it).

I have it with falling asleep in front of the tv too, the sounds from the tv I will weave into a dream story, but that is not really dreaming, it on that borderline between waking/sleeping.

I was having this dream that a thief had broken into my apartment and was setting the place on fire… I was trapped in my bedroom and was freakin out that I was going to get caught, but I guess he had to use the bathroom cause I could hear the toilet being flushed… so I made a dash for out of the apartment whilst he was ‘occupied’… I then woke up… turns out my wife had just flushed the toilet.

She saved me again!!! hahahahaha

I just had one this morning!

I was a spy or something like that in my dream. I was trying to hack into someone’s computer for info, and I had to do it before a bomb went off. (I don’t remember all the details of the dream) There was a countdown and I was trying to guess the code, and then when it reached zero I heard a loud “BOOOM!” and I woke up. It terrified me, I jumped a foot or so. I realized that my fan and my cd player lights weren’t on, because the electricity had gone out. What I had heard was a power line or fuse or something blowing out. It was so loud and freaked me out because my dream was right on time with this noise!

I’ve had a few dreams where the tv or radio noise incorporates into my dream as well.

I had one of those this morning too. My mum had the radio on and Germaine Greer was talking about language. I heard her mention an American Valley girl phrase which I’ve forgotten :tongue: and the film, ‘Clueless’ I was hearing all this while in my dream I was walking through Sainsburys.

That has happen to me to many times. I like to watch the news when I get up so my tv is my alarm. One day the tv came on and like 20 minutes of Good Morning America had incorparated into my dream. I’ve fallen the sleep in the backseat of the car and the music on the radio became apart of my dreams background. I also have that problem of waking up before my mom wakes me up. I always seem to be asleep before the tv comes on but never when my mom wakes me up for something.