Wierd thoughts in the morning

Often (3-4 times a week) I have these thoughts when I wake up. It’s a comic book that has some fuzzy pictures and some text. I cant see the book literally, but I can feel it, and I know the text. I start reading to myself, but it’s just wierd, it has nothing to do with anything. Like: "Then I am are the cat is he who can coke south…"And so on.

I’ve gotten used to it, but I’d like to know the meaning of this.
It may be my subconsciusness telling me random stuf (which makes my consciousness closer to my subconsciousness =D).

If you dont remember your dreams easily or always have thoughts like this in the morning, keeping a journal next to your bed and writing down every word that goes through your mind and thoughts you may start to see a pattern and that cna help you define what these weird thoughts are to you…no one can tell you the meaning of them because they’re your own and no one knows them better then you.

I have had the same experience! Not as often as you though,
maybe twice every two weeks. It usually when I am in
a state of waking up, and can happen at any random time.
I don’t know if I might have been dreaming, because it sort
of goes automatically. (Also I don’t read, its more like my mind
is telling me to think about this stuff lol)

And yes… The sentences are weird like:
Human hairy cat balls with soup-outlets tied to their behind face. Or stuff like:
NO! I don’t want to be straight down the left of knierplac
stitching oranges to the multiple sofas.

Is this the first thing you’re aware of when you wake up? If so, I’ve had it just a few times, never with any sort of visuals or feelings, etc. It’s weird, kind of hard to explain… basically I would be aware of a train of thoughts going through my head - as if the train of random thoughts that happens when you’re falling asleep just kept going all through the night - and I wouldn’t be controlling them. At first I would be barely aware of these thoughts, then I’d slowly become more and more aware. This train of thoughts would continue until I was far enough awake that I would suddenly think “Huh? I’m awake?” and forget the thoughts very quickly. :neutral: Is that what you have, except with a comic book?

Yes, but I’m not sure it is a comic book, the mind tells me the words, but i fell the pictures, I know it’s just random.
This may be the subconsciousness telling us the sublimial messenges it has picked up latley (which can make us notice dream signs?).

Yes, I completly forget all the stuf, but i think it’s somehow connected to the sounds I hear from the clock (it’s a digital radio clock) that wakes me up in the morning.

[Tons of irriational thoughts just before sleep)

Same thing, just not at morning, but while falling asleep.