Wierd Wild Results

Usually I dont “try” to WILD, I always have it in the back of my mind as im going to sleep just in case the conditions are right. A couple of times I have fallen asleep (or lost consciousness as im falling asleep), and suddenly i’m aware that im in sleep paralysis and hearing noises, seeing faces, and once I got as far as falling in to a room. When I wake up expecting to see I had been sleeping for however many hours and just had a strange LD-related dream, it has only been 20-30 mins. Is this how WILD actually works or do you usually stay aware throughout the whole thing?

I’m not sure, but I personally am always aware when in SP. Thinking about WILD or LDs in general is a powerful way to get to them. Next time you get SP try waiting it out. I sometimes get a FA which with a quick RC can plop me into a LD.

Not sure if that’s what you meant

So are you asking if its normal to get lucid 20 or 30 minutes after falling asleep when practicing wild?

I know what you’re talking about. It has occasionally happened to me. I would wake up during sleep paralysis and experience all of those things. You do normally stay conscious all throughout WILD, but this can happen as well. All you have to do when you experience this is imagine floating out of your body and you will be in an LD.