Wierdest place you ever lucid dreamed

Whats the strangest place you have lucid dreamed. Like have you gone asleep on a plane, train, car, office, school, subway. Just where ever and WILDed or had an OBE. I wonder what it would be like to have an OBE while in a plane. I bet if you left the plane it would be hard to find your body if you wanted to lay back into it to wake up or whatever.

That’s why normal people believe that OBEs are just dreams and we can wake up whenever we want, no need to look for our bodies :happy:
It would be funny tho, if you would really astral project and wouldn’t find your body and then your body would be in a coma(spelling?) and you would travel with your astral body forever! Hey, maybe you people who believe that OBEs are real should try it, stay as long as you can in the astral plane and see how long it takes before you wake up… :eh:

Most people say that there is a spiritual tether of some sort connecting you to your body when you have an OBE. But it would be kinda cool if you could go into a coma by not coming back from an OBE for extended periods of time. Think of all the practical applications. . .

I couldn’t do my homework because I’ve been in a coma.

Don’t give me a zero on the test, I have a legitmate reason, I was in a coma!

Some people have had OBEs while riding a motorcycle at high speeds :alien: They were just riding and suddenly saw themselves from an overhead perspective.

Me personally, the strangest place I’ve had an LD is in my bed. Talk about out of the ordinary…

I goto sleep so easy in car rides. I hate long car rides. I even am half asleep when I drive long car rides. I was thinking of trying to WILD while I am in a car ride. I dunno how hard it would be. But since I get so sleepy in the car it might not be too hard. I bet it would suck to be driving and have an OBE and seeing yourself crashing. I wonder what would happen if you crashed and died while having an OBE. I guess you would be shocked back to your body or something.

i just want to add to what tride said. I don’t believe these people OBE’d on the bikes i believe they astral projected. The difference being to OBE you must be asleep where as to AP you do from being awake.

After all if you fell asleep on your bike, your gonna be in for one hell of a surprise when you wake up :neutral:

naw. I can’t speak for OBEs but i would assume that one thing is similar to AP - in that if you really want to return to your body you just have to will your self back.

it would depend on how long you fell asleep on the bike. Motorcycles stay fairly stable while moving so if you dosed of for a sec or two you might be fine. Longer than that though and youd lean and be SOL!!! :cool_laugh:

I believe that OBE is not actually the same as getting out of your body. (oh please don’t shoot me now :grin: ) It’s just a change in your perception. And that would make it logical to conclude with that it is possible to have an OBE while controlling your motorbike. But I see there are several persons here who won’t agree with me.

There is no difference between having an OBE in a plane, and having in your bed. You said that in a plane, if your astral body left your normal body, it would be left behind because the plane is moving forward. WELL THAT DOESNT MATTER. You would assume that astral spirits are not affected by gravity (or inertia), so when you would have an OBE at your home the earth would start passing by your astral spitit, and before yuo know it, you would be in the middle of space with the planet earth who knows how far away. Just my 2 cents-Ben