WILD - 101

Well I was very much motivated to write this. It’s not quantum physics or astronomy or some other branch of science. WILD is nothing more but falling asleep properly.

Now this is going to be very much from my own experience so I’m not saying that’s going to work for you but you can take this as advice and suggestion. Don’t be like dB_FTS said that’s going to work if I do this. No, I’m saying my story now and you can learn from it or not, your choice. And some things are going to be scientifically proved/based and that’s actually it.

Everything I’m going to write here has been already said, but it looks to me like its needed to be said one more time…

Ok, lets start it. We are lucid dreamers or we want to became one. So we need to dream in order to have lucid dreams. So if we want to dream we need to sleep. Now I’m suggesting on REM sleep and only REM sleep. “But dB_FTS, there are dreams in NREM sleep too”. Exactly, but for the sake of this post lets concentrate on REM sleep dreams only. Why? Because most of the remembered dreams happen in REM sleep so lets keep it that way…

That’s pretty much it. Like I said it’s very simple:

Bed time > falling asleep > dream > lucid dream

Now, you may think, but how is this working. From my experience it’s very simple and not complicated at all. I believe that many dreamers that are trying WILD and writing all the time about SP experiences are so much close to actually succeed in WILD but they are not aware of that.

So we have scenario where a dreamer tries to achieve WILD. Let’s suppose he’s doing it with WBTB[I feel like I don’t need to explain this. If needed read general WILD guides]. He’s lying in bed half an hour or an hour or even 2. Nothing happens. At some point he feels numbness, heaviness, vibrations, floating and sinking sensation but after that, that’s basically it. Then he is frustrated and he just let go and he falls asleep in few seconds.

The mistake that one is making here is he’s attention to lying in bed waiting for something to happened or waiting for the dream to form from nothing, not letting his body and mind to fall asleep. Like I said, you need to fall asleep in order to dream. So when one let’s everything go he falls asleep very easily…

So the dreamer needs to learn how to fall asleep consciously, or better say to observe himself falling asleep with awareness but still let himself to fall asleep at the end. When to do this? The best way is to let things go naturally. Experimentation is the key as giving yourself the time… From my experience the best way is when you start feel body sensations like: floating, vibrating, heaviness and such.

This may be hard at the beginning but like everything else, it takes practice.

Some dreamers may rely on HH. They may experience the dream forming around them and then, they are suddenly in a dream. From my theory they did fall asleep somewhere on the way, they just weren’t aware of that. So by actually letting yourself asleep and not waiting for dream form by itself you are simplifying things very much…

Now you may ask: dB_FTS if you are such a smart ass why don’t you count much more lucid dreams then it’s in your profile description?!

dB_FTS: Well, because as every technique this one requires time, dedication and practice too, so even if I know things or at least think I know, still I need to practice as much as you, so I have same obstacles as you. DR, stress, work, school, LIFE and such things.

This is just my way of doing WILD. It may or may not work for you. Feel free to use this as information or don’t use it. It’s on you. I only hope I helped someone with this post…

Good luck to everyone! :content:

Great post! :content: I for one believe that beginners are mostly thinking too much about WILD.

I agree wholehearted. When someone decides to use WILD, he should give it time. Maybe it’s a good approach to first observe passively how one falls asleep without any real intention to have a proper WILD, just to understand the process.

I agree with Leijona, new people see WILD as the best way to have a LD I myself thoght that about it. Sadly, all I got out of WILD was less sleep and less recall. I only succeded once with WILD and even that was an expeience all on it’s own. My success was on the creation of my companion Aurora. I was doing a WBTB and after some time she came running at me with the dream kind of following her. I think WILD should be practiced after having success with other techniques.I say this only because, until you know what it is like to become lucidit really is hard to know what is happening while you are laying there. Sorry for the long and a bit off topic maybe, but I just think that WILD gets too much attention from the new LDers.

LOL!! … that was too funny heheh, and you’re right, I’ve had LDs both by just falling asleep during vibrations, also by creating a dream scenario through HI, or using the third eye technique. They all work good.

@ Leijona: Thx, when one realizes what you said:

Then WILD is piece of cake…

I would suggest to try WILD when starting with LD’ing but not as only technique. And I agree with you, WILD may be overwhelming at the beginning because of too much new and unknown things at once…

Exactly, you can use whatever transitional technique you like as long as you let yourself to fall asleep…

WILD isn’t a set of steps you should follow, but like db said, it is just falling asleep while noticing it.

WLD is a pretty good tech, at least for me. I’m glad I started it, now I’m getting better at the relaxation part. I prefer WILD is becuause of the chance of hyper vivid OBEs with high lucidity right from the beginning. It is pretty hard though, but when you practice at something you usually get better at it.

Right now I’m having problems with getting up for WBTB, increased heartbeat right before SP, and getting out of SP and into a LD.

I think that’s the case with every technique. Because if I wrote the guide it doesn’t mean that applies for you. That’s the problem with every guide, it’s personalized too much, well it’s not about the guide it’s about the subject in the guide, I mean what is more personal then your dreams, right! :content:

Exactly, every technique is hard in some sense. But if you are persistent enough you will succeed!

I have to say that I like how you divided your learning into steps. And that’s great. Experiencing things one at the moment is great. Just take it easy and that’s it.
Getting up for WBTB use autosuggestion, they work very good. Don’t force things, try to get it into your routine, now I get up automatically for WBTB every night around 3 - 4 am. With no alarm, pure intention.

Increased heartbeat before SP? From I have read and watch, it’s only a hallucination. So don’t worry about it. Try to get around it…

Well basically you don’t get out of SP you are actually just getting in… Don’t worry. When you feel different body sensations or when you start to experience HH just try to make transition: falling asleep, rolling over, sinking into bed, etc.!

Good luck! :content:

Well db_FTS i agree with you,

I am able to experience SP through keeping low intensity alarm, i.e, I basically WBTB and while having a series of dreams, fix an alarm so that it rings in the middle of the dream enough to make me alert, i then become awake while maintaining my consciousness over my body. I can feel numbness and heaviness etc…but when it comes to vibrations stage i jus freak out and shake vigorously while getting out. In the process, i could hear some sounds etc asking me to calm down. So basically its FEAR thats a SPOILER for me.