[WILD]a new plan for myself and anyone else who wants to try

So I was thinking in my bed the other night and I figured out another plan for LDing, I’m not sure exactly what it’s a variation of, but I think it’s WILD.

I picture myself at the beach, lying on the sand. At one point once I am relaxed enough, I decide to imagine my eyes opening to the beach and seeing it, hoping at this point I’ll be tired enough to slip into sleep and be “trapped”(best term I can find for kinda the enterance closing behind me while I stay am inside the dream). In my dream. At that point I figure I will be asleep and my daydream will become strong enough to be an actual dream, only I’ll remember I’m dreaming.
What do you think?

I know this will be gone in a day or two, but it’s probably a crazy idea anyway ;p .

The trick with Wild is just staying aware enough while your body shuts down, it helps focusing on things like a beach for exmaple but i would not add the tast of opening your eyes as i doubt you’ll only succeed in opening your eyes in waking life.

If you imagine the beach try doing something like walking down it instead, if you get it right you’ll be walking down a beach when your dream starts.

I might try this as its seams quite a nice thing to do also i am going to add something of an RC which i never do (they always fail for me), i’ll visualise walking past a red parasole (giant umbrella) and ask am i lucid.

I’ve WILD a few times before so i know what to expect in the transition and it can be anything but easy, and only a handfull of successes from starting right at normal sleep.

I’ll give this ago tonight as ive not had a LD in a couple of weeks.