WILD! Achieved!

Greetings fellow dreamers! Super excited to celebrate my FIRST successful lucid dream induction by the WILD method.

((Also, sort of new here and not sure of the proper location for this post, so admins please move it as needed ))

Though I’ve been dreaming for years, the magical WILD method has remained elusive up until now.

The juicy details ~~~

Falling asleep late at night, I entered into the sleep paralysis stage characterized by loud ringing and buzzing sensations in the body. Hypnogogic visions begin.

To be precise, I think I did lose consciousness at some point before actually entering the REM state. It’s hard to describe, but I fell asleep before falling asleep and came to while still falling asleep. (LOL does that make sense?)

I say this because there is a lapse in memory from the time I was laying down eyes closed thinking conscious thoughts, to the time I realized the sleep paralysis coming on.

The sleep paralysis was a bit unnerving and uncomfortable, however, I’ve experienced it enough to know that it is safe to sink into. I allowed myself to stay calm and aware as I sank further into the buzzing.

Within the hypnagogia started to form foggy dream images which got clearer the more I relaxed. The dream formed itself into a little rippling bubble surrounded by darkness, like a portal in the void.

I “reached” towards the portal to touch the dream and grab it. (In quotations because I’m not quite sure I had arms? Lol?) I literally pulled myself into the space and before I knew it I was lucid dreaming.

I already knew I was lucid dreaming at this point, having stayed conscious from semi-wake to sleep. Even so, I did the nose pinch reality check just for good measure. I remember thinking to myself, I should do this anyway just to get into the habit of it. Hehe

I found myself walking through a house of sorts. The TV is on and there is someone talking to me, a bald caramel skinned man in a suit. I shuffle on, excusing myself politely and explain that I’m going to speak with a spirit guide. I also walk to a fridge and find a snack of hummus and crackers. I realize I still have my retainers in. I decide to try eating anyway Haha.

The house is really quite beautiful, decorated in green and white finery. I make my way out of the house into the neighborhood. I do what I call “grounding” into the dream (stabilizing it), by consciously breathing into the sensory input. In this case, it was my bare feet on the cold grass, where bits of snow were still melting. Everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and smiling.

At some point the day turns to night. I am walking along the street looking for my next adventure. There is a big archway in a few feet in front of me that is leading to a community park. As I’m crossing the street a bus is passing by very slowly and the driver is making friendly conversation. I think I am invited to ride on the bus, but I’m not ready to leave yet. I’m too enamored with the trees in the park ((being in nature lucid is my favorite!).

What happens next is pretty awesome, the dream changes into a semi-lucid nightmare and an excellent subconscious therapy session. I’ll save it for another post.



Congratulations on your dream! :slide:

Did I read this correctly that you had the dream as you went to bed at the onset of your night’s sleep rather than after WBTB or before a nap? What did you do in order to relax while falling asleep?


It was actually in the middle of the night. So maybe technically also in the WBTB category though I didn’t really stay up for the prescribed 30-60 min.

It was full moon and windy out and I struggled to fall asleep for a long time at the beginning of the night. After sleeping for only a few hours (not more than 3) the dog I was watching woke me up. I let her out to pee, stopped off at the bathroom myself and then went straight back to bed. I’d say this all took less then 10 minutes.

Then I laid back down, on my back, closed my eyes and just breathed. I’m quite sure I was thinking thoughts, though the transition between thinking and onset of sleep paralysis is blurry. It was the onset of sleep paralysis that actually jerked me back into awareness. I still count this as a successful WILD though :3