WILD affects eye/eye muscles?

Earlier today, I achieved my first WILD, or more accurately a combination of WILD/MILD and counting etc.

At one stage, I was trying to focus on those swirly things on your eyelids (sounds crazy but I read it somewhere) and some muscles around my eyes started to spasm. So I stopped trying that!
Later on, just before I entered the lucid dream, I had an experience like my eyes were blinking vigorously and increasingly fast. I’m not really sure if my eyes were doing that, but that’s exactly how it felt (and looked). This happened a few times during trying to WILD aswell but didn’t lead to the lucid dream (I wasn’t sure what I should be doing).

Is this normal?

That doesn’t sound crazy. that’s just HI, it’s supposed to happen. And you’re right, focusing on them helps with WILD. The spasming was probably just a hallucination associated with HI.

I’m no expert on WILD, but I would guess that it’s completely normal, as it’s happened every time that I WILDed. Also, considering that your eyes flicker back and forth while you dream, you really shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Okay, cheers. That makes sense.
One more thing, what exactly should you be trying to do when the HI is peaking? Because it happened a few times, but didn’t lead to anything, maybe because I wasn’t making enough input. Anyway, I’m quite pleased about this as I’ve never tried WILD before. Only shame is this is my first LD that had other DCs. I wasn’t really sure how to deal with them, which probably was the reason I ended up losing lucidity. I just started making the wrong choices. These kids started hassling me, and instead of just not getting involved or making them go away, I started to chase them. Only, at the last minute did I realise that I was going out of the dream, but it was too late…
Any tips on what to do with DCs? I hope that isn’t a silly question…