WILD and SP questions.

I just got scared REALLY bad. :bored:

I was trying WILD for the first time, and i felt super relaxed. I saw my usual HI , then to my surprise, my right arm got numb and really hot.I knew it was SP, but it was just my arm. I stayed like this for awhile, about 10 minutes, and I slowly felt my right hand start to go numb.

Then I heard a loud hum, then I felt my heart getting faster and faster. the HI got real violent, then I managed to shake myself awake. My arm is still real heavy, and a bit tingly.

Is this normal for a first try? I feel good knowing I at least get some kind of reaction.

WILDing is different for everyone, and usually changes each time one tries it. Yes, I’m pretty sure this is normal SP. Congrats on your first semi-WILD though, I still have yet to partially succeed a WILD.

Atleast you get some action. For me its quite the opposite, hehe. ^^ Sounds like you got nothing to worry about, I read somewhere here that the heart thing is just in your head (or an effect from you getting scared/excited). But completely harmless. I have experienced it a few times aswell, so I know what you mean. Try to keep in mind that everything you are feeling happens everytime you go to sleep normally, its just that you are aware now and for you its all new. :smile: I once got a white void and a -LOUD- Buzz when I attempted to chain two dreams, that startled me awake aswell, gonna take some time before I can relax and endure it. :smile: