WILD Assistive Tech.

Here’s a little something I cooked up a while back while trying desperately trying to WILD.
Ok here goes.
Step one: Take both hands and interlock your fingers like your praying.
Step Two: Mildly grip each hand with the other and hold that grip.
Step Three: Now goto sleep like you normally would. Now instead of creating a scene or doing such bothersome counting, just pay slight attention to your grip. If you notice your grip starting to loosen, that means your drifting off. Increase your attention slightly to compensate and continue to let it happen (don’t let your grip get too weak though cause then you wont be able to register any changes…). If you notice that you go a long time without loosing any grip then im guessing that your paying too much attention. Stop doing that and youll be fine.

I use this assistant sometimes, but generally in a different way thats quite risky… I grip my hands as tight as I can and then I make myself zone out. Generally when one is zoned out, the slightest change in senses can snap the person back to consciousness. So as soon as my grip changes, even the slightest bit, I am back to consciousness. This lets me pass the time faster and makes it easier for me to achieve SP and the later stages of WILD with less effort.
Note: I said this way was risky because 9 times outa 10 its a failure.
I can achieve medium rank lucid dreams this way.

Have fun and keep working hard and I’m sure you can all succeed in your path to lucidity. :smile:

This sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to try it out!

Ok… I’ve had some people state that they can’t sleep on their back when they sleep. I don’t remember typing anywhere that you need to sleep on your back. Sleep on your belly or side, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve also had a few people saying that they can’t sleep while holding their hands together. My reponse to that… Did you try yet?! That and you don’t focus on the fact that your holding your hands together. The only way holding your hands together would keep you awake would be if you really aren’t tired at all or you’re thinking too much. The whole idea behind this tech is that you DON’T have to think alot. This tech allows you to think the bare minimum and still WILD…
Well that’s all for now. Hope this helps too.

Hmmm I’ll try this out

its good if you can’t sleep on your back.

after you wake up some time in the night, and are ready to try to wild, just lie on the back, then you will have difficulties drifting off, similar to what would happen if you do the hand clasping (neat idea by the way) and it will help you maintain accelerated awareness…

i do not fall asleep on my back initially, so i lie on it while initiating WILDs going in and out of light theta.
after this gets tiresome, assuming I don’t succeede in a wild then I go to sleep normal on my side.

then after I wake up in the night at some time I spend most of the night on my back doing normal WILDs.

somehow just the very first time falling asleep its hard to do on the back.

but anyway…

I would say counting is a more rewarding effort, as it allows you to rely just on using your own mind to get lucid, and helps improve familiarity with how the mind works when it goes into non-conscious thought processes.

the catch is it takes a lot of time and patience.

this is a cool idea though.

doing something like sticking your kness up or just sleeping in a really odd posture also has the same effect.

That can also keep you awake and not allow you to drift off which isn’t good.

You don’t have to stay up all night with this. It works fast and easy (at least it seems too).

Counting is also boring as hell and like you said… takes forever.
Why wait when you don’t have to?

Can be extremely uncomfortable… and will only have the same effect if you focus on it.

This tech is basicly a replacement for those visualisations you do during wild or even that damn counting. Instead of having to make up numbers in your head, you got something that real that actually there, that you can actually feel that you can focus on with absolutely no difficulty.