Wild "attempt"

So i was doing my best to do wild and i always fall asleep before i can even go into sleep parliysis, so what did to keep myself awake in my mind was counting backwards from 1000 and i did this right when i went to sleep not as a wake back to bed so i was counting and around when i got too 500 i felt started feeling very anxious, like and while my eyes were closed it felt like i had these huge body parts like it was like my true body was filling in my mind like whats behind my ego or something i dont know if anyone knows what im talking about here but ive experienced this before where its like i feel my body is in different smaller or bigger shapes than what they acctually are this has happened mulitple times im sure somone knows what im hinting at. At this point i had like real anxiety and it was not as easy to count backwards and i was just thinking about how how when i die ill be gone forever or something like that i thought i was in sleep paralysis but it felt different from the last time i had it as i kid though so im not sure if i wiggeled out of paralysis or i was never in it because that feeling went away at around 400 but then i got they urge to pee but i kept going in hope that i could keep going i counted down all the way but nothing happened so i just went pee. :thinking:

Was i having sleep paralysis

I think you would know if you were in SP. But the sense of ‘body morphing’ imo sounds like you were on the way to a dream.

A big point to remember is … even if you have a successful WILD on going to bed, the dreams will be a lot shorter than when the attempt is later in the night.

Thank you. But wouldnt i have to be in sleep paralysis to even go into the dream because you said you thought the body morphing thing was me entering the dream how could i have done that if i wasnt even in the dream