WILD before bed... and sleep paralysis.

:happy: hello im new to lucid dreaming and this website already know the basics and decided to go on with WILD an hour ago i fell what i believe is sleep paralysis i felt like my body was asleep but my mind awake pretty hard to explain i lasted like that for about 40 minutes (with my eyes closed but i couldnt sleep at all…) i couldnt take it anymore so i moved and woke my body up and logged on to ask what did i do wrong? :confused: :confused: :cry: i know its late so dont mind waiting xD ty so much! :happy: :happy: :happy:

Dont wild into initial sleep. 95% of the time you will get nowhere. Wake up between 4-7 hours of sleep and try again. Remember the key is to fall asleep, maintaining just enough awareness to catch you falling into the dream. Practise makes perfect.

Well in my expierience WILD during initial sleep always boosts my DR and makes my dreams more vivid. You might wan’t to try doing a WILD before sleeping, but just to get your mind set for the night. You could also set your alarm clock like Kuze said, and combine the WBTB with another wild to boost your chances of a lucid dream even more.

Btw, don’t forget to keep a Dream Journal! This is really really important. It will help you recall more dreams per night and make them more vivid. Also after you have enought dreams you can start noticing your dream signs and then do a reality check according to your dream signs.

Much love


Thx so much for the reply but what would be the best hour to set clock? and i dont get that awareness thing so do i just fall asleep after i wake up or do i stay up for some time? i have school so this may be a little hard :happy:

Ps: i do keep a Dream Journal :smile:

All of that changes from person to person. For example, I do best at 5 hours after I go to bed and not staying up at all. I know another guy who is best at 4 hours while staying up an hour, and another who does 6 hours staying up for 15 min. You’re going to just need to play around some.

ok ill try that tonight ty so much. so do i just simply wake up turn off alarm and fall back to sleep after? or do i do WILD or a mantra? :confused: :confused:

Doing a WILD with a WBTB boosts your chances of getting a LD. Since you are going to try a WILD i don’t know if you should wait some time or not for the WBTB, it depends on what works for you. Regarding the time of the alarm, you have to experiment. You could start at 4 hours and if it doesnt work then try 4:30 and so on. Note that you will have to try different waking times aswell. But i must say, there is no tech that can be compared to just having a Dream Journal. The dream journal is the base for LDing. Without proper dream recall you could be having 5 LDs a night and not remmeber a single thing.


Ok thx ill just wake up after 4 am and ill fall asleep right after for the first week if nothing happens then ill stay awake for 30 minutes next week :content: :content: let me know if this is a good plan… Ty!! :happy: :happy: :happy:

Seems like a pretty good plan hehe. But don’t forget to include a Dream journal! It is a must for every lucid dreamer.

Wishing you the best


yea i have one :happy: ty for the advice :content: ill let ya’ll know when im succesful :cool: