WILD before WBTB with BWGen

I didn’t TRY to WILD. I had a BWGen mp3 with “LD Test Preset” going on. This thing always put my body to sleep. Before long, my body was tingling, I was half-paralyzed and stuff, and everything was numb. Then I waited a long time, and I realized that my chest was getting heavy and it was becoming exceedingly hard to breathe. I could no longer feel any part of my body except my hands, which felt like cannonballs on top of my chest. I struggled to breathe for a long time, keeping conscious. Then at some point I lost consciousness, then regained it about 15 min before the preset ended. At this time I was numb to a lesser degree. I waited for a dream to come, but still nothing. Before long I heard the beta spikes designed to bring me to consciousness from a dream, but I was already conscious and the beta spikes were just annoying. The preset ended and I puzzled where my lucid dream had went. The entire time I had been aware of my surroundings, I felt the bed beneath me, my hands on my chest, and the stupid annoying heater going.

Well, after that long thing, my question is, was I actually sleeping the whole time I was conscious, or was I foolishly keeping myself awake for no good reason? I thought I was asleep, only conscious, but it seems now that I wasn’t, because REM never started. Is there some special technique that I have to do before entering REM or something?

Oh, for everyone not familiar with the preset, the preset goes down from 12hz to 6, wavers around for a while, then drops down to 1 hz, holds for a while, then goes up to 8hz while another layer plays “beta pulses” going from 30 to 40 hz for 7 min. According to tge BWgen help file, that’s alpha to theta, then delta, then up to the upper limit of theta and kicks in with spikes higher than the upper level of beta…

Another question I have: Which brain state does REM occur in and how long does it take for REM to start after falling asleep? I forgot, sorry.

I think this is what Technodreamer’s unanswered post, “The Black Void”, was talking about, but I’m not sure…

Thanks for reading even though I understand many of you can’t answer. But I have to try.

The time it takes to enter REM sleep depends on when you are trying to go to sleep. If you’re trying to get to REM sleep before bed then it can take 90+ minutes but if it is in the moring or with WBTB it should take 15 or less minutes.

At the beggining of the night REM usuallyt goes somethinmg like this

Stage 1 - Bete - Alpha

Stage 2 - Alpha, possibly alittle theta

Stage 3 - Theta going into deep Theta

Stage 4 - Delta

Back up to stage 2

then you drop into REM so probably Alpha but I’m not sure


Describes all you just said :smile:
So now that one question is answered, thanks a bunch :cool_laugh:

I was lying down for approximately 90 minutes. So those beta spikes might have been intended to start REM for me as they started around that time… but it didn’t start. that means I wasn’t sleeping or something was keeping REM from starting…

I wrote the preset called “LD Test Preset”. The primary purpose for the beta spikes is to coincide with REM. It’s basically to take the REM and make you more “awake” in the dream.

Hiya -

What type of mp3 file is “BWGEN” mp3? It stands for BrainWave Generator? Is it made specifically for LD induction? That sounds interesting. Is there somewhere I can purchase one of these?


Go to www.wbgen.com

oops sorry-wrong url-it is www.bwgen.com

Looks interesting. Did some of ld4all users make there own bwgen files for LDs? I notice some familair usernames on the Dream page…

@malthooslie - plans for any more presets? I use that one too…

I modified Ld test preset and combined it with another preset developed by Ed Case (and which we had tried on this board itself). I called it Ld test and 12. I had some LD’s using it too just as I had with Ld test preset.

I tried ld test and my stupid headphones kept me awake! lol. Though later in the night i would fall asleep but still be concious of the preset buzzing away and I’d keep expecting to dream but nothing really happened. I got a headache and threw my headphones at the wall lol :grin:

Yes, I plan to make a very short version of the LD TEST PRESET, that will basically be about 30-45 seconds or so of the “regular” REM type frequencies from the original LD TEST PRESET. This will be for listening directly upon waking up in the early morning hours. This should help alleviate some of the problem with headphones having to be on for the first 90 minutes of sleep. After the first 45 seconds, then the beta spikes will be activated. This should allow enough time to drop directly back into sleep after a few hours of normal sleep. Hopefully, this preset would be no more than 20-30 minutes long.
Eventually, once i get all this working with reasonable success, I intend to build a CES version that employs a pair of ear lobe electrodes. This would further alleviate the problem of hearing the preset, as it directly drives brain waves toward the desired state.
I plan to try out Clark’s preset from the bwgen page. I have yet to reestablish myself a “quiet room” to do this stuff, since i moved.

That’s great news, malthouslie.

is there a way to get the ld preset to work without registering?

There is no LEGAL way to get any presets OTHER than the builtin presets to work without paying the registration fee. And, frankly, it’s not worth the trouble you’d go to or get into by trying to cheat the designer. He put quite literally thousands of hours into this software.

that must make me the illegalinator

Well there would be another legal way (thought it’s more difficult!)…
Write a translator for bwgen presets to convert them into sbagen presets
and give it away for free.

No - the actual binaural beats arrangements etc are the author’s intellectual property, whatever computer format they’re stored in.